Program Critique

Wasnt sure if I should post this in strongman or another place but figured someone would tell me.

I’m 5’11, 210lbs, 14%bf, 1rm are 325/245/405. Age 18. Log press 210, p. clean 245,

I’m new to strongman and have only been lifting seriously for about a year before starting in on sm training. Not sure how to program yet, still learning. I had a coach give me a lifting program and it worked but I feel like ive stalled and I need another split. Been on the last one for about 4 months. I really like westside training but I’ve never use and thought this would be a good time to give it a shot. I found a sm/Wsbb lifting program on eltfts and made a couple changes.

Day 1
ME lower
Farmers heavy

ME upper
Strict presses
Heavy dips and chi ups

Day 4
DE lower
Squat and deads
Farmers and sprints medley, dynamic

Day 5
DE upper
Log press heavy
Rows curls face pulls rear delt work

My goals are just to get strong, explosive, and better at certain events for a competition in 7 months.

Might end up being a little to much load, doing me lower then squat/deads a separate day doing farmers twice a week, ME upper and heavy log. I’d try it out. Personally I would do the log press then your DE work

So would you switch day 4 and 5? I would think de work should be done a few days apart from me work.

No if your log pressing heavy on day 5 for me I would get that out of the way before my speed work

You only need one day of events in my opinion. Squat day, pull day, clean/press day and a strict press day that’s all I do

Hi louiek,

I’m not a professional strong man, but, I do incorporate many strongman exercises into my training program, such as; short medleys (sledgehammer to tire w/farmer’s walk) and days where I do things like Tireflip, Sled, etc. This is very effective in many aspects that include fat loss, muscle strength and edurance, power and even core stability (especially if you incorporate 1-arm farmer’s walks).

That’s for me though. Most strongman that I know of train ‘like powerlifters’ 4-5 days per week and have 1 day every week (or 2 days) that just involve exercises that you would see in a typical competition. (Do things 1x-2x a week that you would do in that specific competition) So, I suggest doing some research and figuring out what events there are and start training for them specificly on 1 or 2 days. This helps regulate training stress, neural fatigure, etc. Plus, it makes sure that you don’t skimp on your general strength training or your strongman specific training.

Hope I helped,

You should listen to Mjenks just youtube Mike Jenkins haha

[quote]MJENKS71 wrote:
You only need one day of events in my opinion. Squat day, pull day, clean/press day and a strict press day that’s all I do[/quote]

Would that go something like:
M - Squat
T - C&P
W - off
H - Pull
S - events
U - off

Thank you