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Program Critique

I’ll be coming off a pretty intense fat-loss phase in the next few weeks, and I want to take my next training period to really focus on just getting frickin’ strong. Whatever size comes with it is nice, but I want to just pack on some strength.

I’m 23, male, 6’6, 220 lbs, no idea on BF%. I’ve been lifting for several years, but only got serious in the last year. This is my first try at designing my own program. Any feedback would be great.

Quads + Push:
A1. Back Squat 5x5, 90 sec. rest
A2. Bench Press 5x5, 90 sec. rest
A3. Military Press 5x5, 90 sec. rest
B1. Leg Press 5x8, 75 sec. rest
B2. DB Incline Press 5x8, 75 sec. rest
C1. Dips 5x5, 75 sec. rest

Hamstrings + Pull:
A1. Deadlift 5x5 90 sec. rest
A2. Pull-Ups 5x5 90 sec. rest
B1. Good Mornings 5x8 75 sec. rest
B2. Cable Row 5x8 75 sec. rest
C1. Hammer Curl 5x8 60 sec. rest

My training week would look like:

Wednesday: Push
Thursday: Pull
Friday: Push
Saturday: off
Sunday: Pull
Monday: off
Tuesday: off

The first exercise in your lineup for each day is going to get the most emphasis. As your energy decreases through your workout, each exercise becomes just a little less effective. Not saying they’re not useful at all, your just not going to see as good a result from them.

Try switching your movements around for the second workout of the week, at the very least. Other than that, it seems like a solid program. You have the requisite lifts plus some arm work, so I think you’re good to go.

Remember that if you design your own program, it needs to be tailored to your needs only. If you have a lagging bodypart, work it first for both workouts. Do what you need to do.

5x5 with a 90 second rest on Squats, Bench and Deadlifts?

You need to rethink this shit through man. Plus seeing A1 and A2, I’m guessing you’re super setting on Squat and Bench? You wont be able to keep this up. Put more rest time since its not a “fat loss” program. Again, consider alot more things, or why not just do a tested program like 5/3/1 or WS4SB?

Oof… no supersetting. Didn’t notice that.

My main concern would be the fact that you squat 5x5 followed the next day with 5x5 deadlifts, followed the next day by 5x5 squats. I don’t see you keeping that up for very long at all.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend such short breaks if your goal is strength. I wouldn’t recommend trying to super-set squat/bench/press either, as was mentioned.

I’ll say the thing that I say to pretty much everyone who tries to build their own program- and b.l.u already said this- why not just do a time tested program that is suited to your goals?

What program/s have you been following? What kind of progress have you seen in strength? Why the need for change in program now?