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Program Critique?


So, I normally do WS4SB3. My training sessions have started to get a little stale, so I've decided to switch it up for the summer.

My goals are mainly strength, and athleticism but I do value some flexibility. I never realized how inflexible I was until until I tried some Yoga. Laugh at yoga all you want... but it can kick your ass in a whole new way lol.

So right now this is what I am doing...

Day 1 - Upper Body, Heavy on horizontal plane

BB Bench Press: Work up to Max 3-5 reps (usually 4-5)
Bent over BB Rows: Work up to Max 5 reps
Standing DB Military Press: 3-4x8-12
Pull ups or Cable pull downs: 3-4x8-12
Tricep/Bicep superset: 3x10-15

Day 2 - Lower Body, Heavy Squat

BB Squat: Work up to Max 3-5 reps
ROM DL: 3x6-10
Bulg. SQ or Step Up above knee or Lunge: 3x8-12
45 degree Hyperextension or Glute Ham Raise: 3x8-12
Heavy Ab/calf superset

Day 3 - Yoga

Day 4 - Yoga

Day 5 - Upper body, Heavy on vertical plane

BB Military Press: Work up to Max 3-5reps
Weighted Chins: Work up to Max 3-5 reps
DB Bench Press: 3-4x8-12
DB or Chest Supported Rows: 3-4x8-12
DB or BB Shrugs/tricep or bicep superset

Day 6 - ATG squats and jump training etc.

Vertical or Broad jumps: 8x1-3
ATG BB Squats: 3-4x8-12
Front foot elevated Bulg. SQ: 3x6-10
45 degree Hyper Ext: 3-4x8-12
Weighted Hanging Leg raise/calf superset: 3 sets.

Day 7 - Yoga

Day 8 - Yoga

Back to Day 1

*I realize there are no days where I have nothing scheduled. If I feel like even stretching won't be beneficial, then I will take a total day off on a Yoga day. Otherwise, I find the yoga helps be regenerate and stay loose for the most part.

*I realize I probably won't become an elite strength athlete with this routine... that isn't really my goal though. I want to be strong, but I also want to be able to play sports well, and have a good range of motion. I'm tired of feeling stiff all of the time.

Let me know what you think!


If you are looking to be more athletic and well rounded than strong I would suggest dropping the two bench and two squat WSBB format for something more well rounded. The big 4 of strength training is the squat, deadlift, bench, and standing military press. If you are strong at all 4 of these lifts then you will be a BIG STRONG dude.

If it was me I would build it around those, so basically drop one of your bench days for the military press and one of the squat days for deads.

If you want a program tailored for this the 5/3/1 program that Wendler from EliteFTS wrote is perfect. The e-book is $20 and it is the best money I have spent on my training in years. I know this sounds like a plug, but this program is great and I think it suits your needs.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


if any one wants it send me a pm, but i've been on 5/3/1for nearly 7 cycles and ive put nearly 100lbs on each lift.


Thanks for the feedback.

If you look closer, you'll see I only work the bench hard once, and on the other upper body day, the heavy push is Military press.

I should have noted that the reason I work the squat hard and not the deadlift is that my squat sucks, whereas my deadlift improves rather easily. Once in a while, I'll switch out the heavy squat for some heavy deadlift work.

Does the lack of responses mean that my routine seems decent?