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Program Critique

Hey guys I just wanted to get some feedback on this program I’ve put together. I was planning on doing it for about 4 weeks. I’m 22, 5’ 9", 185lbs 8%bf, been training for about 5 years, I’ve followed a typical 5 day split for bodybuilding up until now. here it is.

Day 1

  1. Front Squat 5x5
  2. Standing Lungs 5x10
  3. Bench 5x5 (Superset with)
  4. Barbell rows 5x10

Day 2

  1. Power Cleans 5x5
  2. Weighted Dips 5x5 (SS with)
  3. Weighted Chins 5x5
  4. Dumbell Calf Raises 5x10

Day 3

  1. Deadlifts 5x5
  2. Incline Press 5x5 (SS with)
  3. Pull ups 5x5
  4. Roman Chair 3x10 (SS with)
  5. Weighted Crunch 3x15

Day 4
1)Overhead Press 5x5 (SS with)
2)Upright rows 5x8
3)Side delt Raise 4x10 (SS with)
4)Rear delt Raise 4x10
5)Reverse Curls 4x8 (SS with)
6)Skull Crushers 4x8

My Aim is to Pound these days out in under 50 mins. I do 20 mins of Cardio afterwards. My goal is to stay about the same weight while dropping down to 6% bf. I do 2 days on 1 off and repeat the cycle. let me know what you think!

I am by no means an expert but it seems like a pretty good program if you are trying to just maintain your size while losing fat. Of course, as we all know, the most important part will be your diet. Personally, I would drope some of the super sets to increase the weight you can do on the exercises and maybe gain a little mass during your program - but that is just me!

I would just do 10 mins of cardio after (walking on an incline) and do 30-40 mins of walking on your off days.

Do you suggest reducing the cardio in order to avoid overtraining?
I’m taking in about 3000 Cals per day. On off days if I was to only do walking do you think that it would be a good idea to drop the cals down to 2500 by reducing the carbs? I know this would create a more drastic calorie deficit to help with the fat loss, but i am concerned about recovery. These workouts are actually kicking the crap out of me. My biceps are more sore from the weighted chins then they ever have been from 12 set bicep curl workout.

I think trextacy means that you’d be less exposed to losing lean body mass by making your cardio a bit shorter but more intense. I don’t suggest reducing cals on offdays. How much were you consuming before? Your recovery should be fine if you just cut your calories from the last diet by 20%. You’ll still create a fine caloric deficit.

You may be able to handle that program, but it seems like way too much to me.

Your basically doing a full body workout 4 days a week. Unless your going to train every other day, this would probably be too much.

Youve got rows, and bench on day one, followed by dips and pullups on day two. These may be different movement planes but they are the same muscles involved.

Your stats seem pretty impressive, and you might be better off with a body part split. That way each muscle can rest a bit longer and you can throw in some isolation movements.


Monday: Chest/Back
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Arms/shoulders
Friday: Full body

You know yourself better than us though, but at least if your gonna stick with the full body 4 days a week, you might want to change the rep ranges throughout the week.

Good luck.

thanks Dankid. I’m not going to lie I did the program last week and it was extremely difficult because I was working out while sore. My idea was to hit the whole body 4 times per week.

It might be because i’m not used to it, or because I’m not juicing, but i felt overtrained. My idea behind it all was to get a huge pump of Testosterone/IGH every workout. I’m going to try it one more week, if I’m seriously overtrained I might make some modifications or try doing it with no cardio during a time when i want to be in a calorie surplus, Come the fall. thanks for your insights.