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Program Critique, Suggestions?


overhead squat 6*10
deadlift 6*10
military press 5*5
bent over row 5*8

snatch 5*5
powerclean 5*5
jerk 6*4

My workout is above.I lift three times a week and alternate workouts each time I workout. I also jump rope before each workout and use a mini trampoline everyday. I'm a football player so I'm always working on my footwork.

My main goal is to drop a significant amount of bodyfat. With that in mind what are some good ideas to help drop fat, other than sound diet, exersise. Thanks for your suggestions.


I would add back squats at the end of your workout on day 2.


thanks for your suggestion. I was just wondering why that would help me.


....why? there would be no energy to do barbell squats at the end of the workout like that


I think there would be. You don't max out with snatches and C&J every session. OLers commonly finish off those exercises with squats. If it was too much work at once, perhaps take out the jerks and add the squats.

On day 1, overhead squats are a great total body exercise, but not as taxing on the lower body as regular squats.
I feel back squats are a basic exercise that should be a part of this program.


From my count, that is upwards of 300 reps per week. That is DEFINITLY way too much UNLESS some of them are "technique" reps with much lower than your 1RM. I hate when people beat the overtraining drum, but I can't imagine you will improve your explosiveness doing so many reps. Could just be me though.


thanks for the advice. I may have to cut the volume a bit. I'll see how it goes. The reason I had a higher volume was because I just recently read Charles Poliquin's article on Lactic acid and fat loss.


I agree with krollmonster. Oly lifters use the back squat after the more complex lifts. You will be fine.



Are you planning to compete in weightlifting?


maybe in the future, but right now i'm just concentrating on my senior football season.