Program Critique/Help

To all T-man/women, I am posting my current program in hopes of getting some responses; like the title says all are welcome.

I would also like some help on the question of incorperating some sort of cardio/ESW work into my current program, but first here is the program.

It is based more-or-less of CW’s strength focused mesocycle, and Total Body Training articles.

All exercises are peformed as a superset, and for a rep/set pattern of 3x5reps. (the # in parenthesis are the wieghtes that I am using)
A.1. Stiff Leg DL (240)
A.2. Decline Bench Press (215)

B.1.Front Squats (195)
B.2.Wieghted Pullups (45)

C.1. Seated Bicep curls (35)
C.2. Lying Tricep extensions (90)

All exercises are performed as an superset, and for a rep/set patter of 3x8reps

A.1. Box Squats (275)
A.2. Seated Machine row (160 on a cybex seated row)

B.1. push press (125)
B.2. 1-leg dumbell deadlift (90)

C.1. Standing alternating Hammer Curls
C.2. Reverse Grip Tri push down

All exercises are performed as an superset, and follow a set/rep patter of 3x3

A.1. Hang Cleans (150)
A.2. Flat bench press (200)

B.1. Back squats (240)
B.2. Chin-ups (55)

C.1. Close Grips bench press (185)
C.2. Standing straight bar curl (85)

So that the program, my question is; what you guy, and gals out there think is the more efficent way to add some sort of cardio/ESW work this program?

My Goals are to basically stay generally fit, lose a little body fat if possible, although I am pretty lean (170 bf btw 7-10%) and I am not really after insanly low bf number, though it is always nice to look good nekkid. I am pretty strick with my diet, I really only go off it on saturday night.

I have been experimenting with doing some interval work post lifting; 5-7 intervals of 30sec sprints, and 1min recoveries. And I have also been playing around with doing a short light jog/run, around 20min, along with some abs on Tuseday, and Thursday, but nothing is set in stone.

Any Ideas, and/or critiques are welcome, and appreciated.

Kitsune (it means fox)

if you’re saying your bf is already at 7 - 10% … I don’t think you have to worry about bf. The regiment you chose is pretty taxing on the nervous system to say the least…so the EPOC will probably be enough to sustain your low bodyfat.

And sprints shouldn’t be considered aerobic. It could be used to sub leg day but not aerobics.
good luck

Thanks for the response gustojack; will take it into consideration. I was thinking same thing, as far as Taxing my CNS was concerned. However do you, or anyone else for that matter, have an opinion light ( lower HR, shorter duration 20min or so ) cardio, as a form of active recovery?