Program Critique for 2A?

Linear periodisation 4 day upper lower(squat/bench/deadlift/incline press or press). Med ball throws or box jumps-3-5x3-5 before main lifts. Weeks 1-3 main lifts-ramp to 8rm. Secondary lift variation-3x10. Weeks 4-6 ramp to 5rm. Secondary lift-3x6-8. Weeks 7-9 ramp to 2-3rm. Secondary lift-3x5. Week 10-ramp to 1rm. Secondary lift-3x5. Lats/upper back supersetted with presses. Hamstring/quads/core on lower days. Assistance is 3-5x8-15. Is there anything you would change? Perhaps more volume on the main lifts? Notes-I have stuck to 531 most of my trainng, am a little hesitant to change and especially trying to start programming for myself but thinking of giving it a crack. Thanks CT

Bro. You need to work on your presentation a bit. No one is going to dive into a wall of text for you.

Plus, I believe CT has said on numerous occasions there’s nothing he dislikes more than dissecting someone’s program.