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Program Complexity Ratings

I reckon it would be cool if someone advanced pieced together a short article on how advanced the collection of programs T-Nation encourages are. For example giving each program a ‘complexity level’ or something.

Rippetoes Beginner: lvl 1
Ws4SB: lvl 3
Star’s 5x5: lvl 3
Push/Pull 3 day: lvl 3
4 day split: lvl 4
push/pull 4 day: lvl 4
Waterbury 10x3: lvl 6
Ws4BB: lvl 6
German 10x10: lvl 7
5 day split: lvl 7
Phil’s Bosu-ball cable training: lvl 10

You get the idea, obviously the above isn’t right, let alone complete, but if a few veterans who have been through years of training did some kind of list like that it would help people decide which direction they want to go.