Program Choices

Alright, I am trying to set myself up with a program and have come up with 2 differant ones. I dont know which is the best the for what I want though and any help and advice would be appreciated. I am just looking at building strength, right now that is all I am going for. Right now I am 6 foot 255 lbs, and 23 years old. The first program i was looking at was a 3 day split.
chest and back
inclined DB bench 3x8
DB bench 3x8
machine incline 3x8
fly’s 3x12
wide grip lat pull down 3x8
cable rows wide grip 3x8
single arm db rows 3x8
upright rows 3x8
chinups/dips as many as possible (assisted)

shoulder and arms
military db press 3x8
foward raises 3x8
side raises 3x8
hammer curls 3x8
preacher curls 3x8
laying tri-extrenions 3x8
close reverse grip benchpress 3x to exhaustion

Squat 3x8
Leg press 3x8
leg curls 3x8
calf raises 3x8

The other program I am thinking of doing is all the same exercies as the 3 day but split to 5 days where each day has its own exercies and set like this:

and on everyday except legs days 30 minutes of cardio. I am just starting out, I have been going to the gym for about 6 months without any real plan and now I want to get serious about. Any adivce on the program(s) or the exerices would be appreciated.


This isn’t going to do much for strength, and it isn’t that great for size either.

Take a look at Westside for Skinny Bastards, or Big Boy Basics. That will do the trick.

How long is the Big Boy Basic program designed to be run? Thanks