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Program Assistance

Good day, all. I finally bit the bullet and registered because I am looking for some advice.

I’m several months into a program I stole and modified from SS. As per SS, it is an A/B program. Due to being married with almost 3 children, full time job, martial arts training (where recovery inhibits me), etc, I only work out twice a week. Nonetheless, I’m making great gains.

Squats (3 x 5)
Bench Press (3 x 5)
Barbell Row (3 x 5) (I want a strong back, and less interested in power, hence no Power Clean)
Lat Raises (3 x 8) (Who doesn’t want a good set of shoulders)

Squats (3 x 5)
Shoulder Press (3 x 5)
Deadlifts (3 x 5)
Pullups (3 x 5)
Barbell Curls (3 x 8) (Pure Vanity)

So the reason I’m posting this is because my pushes are not progressing as well as i would like. Squats are still going up 5 lbs each, DLs are going up 10 (though likely that is about to shift to 5 lbs an increment), etc. But my shoulder presses and bench presses are hard, and I would like to add a single triceps exercise to the mix, in the hope that would help.

So basically, I’m looking for a triceps assistance exercise I can do on either one or both days. What is recommended? I have chairs for dips, as needed, but as I workout from home, I don’t have any machines. Just a squat rack, barbell, dumbells, and chairs.

Thanks in advance!


Well I’m no expert, but IMO you would get more bang for your buck with power cleans over barbell rows,
but this begs the question what are you training for?
TO complement your martial arts? “Body Armour taining”?
To look bigger?
Be more explosive?
Get stronger?
Pretty good article by Jim Wendler today, I feel like it could help you out

Purpose? Two things, really.

  1. Brute Strength
  2. Look good naked

I think barbell rows are better for building back muscles and raw strength, while power cleans are better for, well, power and explosiveness.


Throw in some close grip bench press, it helps triceps. Shoulder press is always slow to grow, just keep at it and make sure you have good form on shoulder and bench.