Program and Supplementation help with a Marathon/Lifting Program

So I am prepping for a marathon* in October and I was looking for some advice on my Supplementation with Peri/Post workout nutrition. I have read a lot of Berardi’s stuff and wanted to see what others do/recommend. Here’s my weekly Schedule

Monday- Long run
Tuesday - Lift
Wednesday- Run
Thursday - Lift/HIIT Run
Friday - Cross (Swim or Bike)
Saturday - Lift/Run
Sunday - Off

My questions are how do I supplement the days (Th/Sat) when I have two separate workout sessions? The supplements I have/will have my hands on are Flameout, Surge, Grow!, and LC Metabolic Drive.

The lifting sessions are from CT’s “Destroying Fat” articles. I am a lifter at heart trying to retain as much muscle mass/strength as possible during this training. My thoughts have been to use 1/2 serving Surge, 1/2 Grow peri and post workout for all the sessions, including after both sessions on those days. Thanks

*I promise I’m not insane; it�??s just one of those things I feel you should try at least once

You’re awesome for running a marathon just to try it.

Muscle retention and long distance running are at odds with each other. As in, they literally are at opposite poles from each other and interfere with each other as much as two exercises can. Just be aware that with your goal set, it doesn’t sound like you’ll be able to do either one well.

I wouldn’t worry about PWO nutrition on your lifting days, I would worry about your ‘long run’ workout. Make sure you’re drowning in gatorade while doing it.

Gatorade is almost as fast as Surge, and it’ll keep glycogen in your muscles and keep them from catabolizing protein for glycogen, which is what I’d be afraid of more than anything else.

Your PWO shakes look good though. Depending on what your diet allows, you may want to down one after each practice session.