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Program and Supplement Advice

I have been reading articles for about 2 years on here on and off. Love the articles from everyone!

I am 6’4" and right at 195 - 200 lbs. I am long torso and average legs. I have a naturally high metabolism.
I have worked out previously about 5 years ago and loved it and stayed very active before in sports.
I want a healthy lifestyle for life…not trying to start and stop thing any more. I am working to better me eating routine also.

so I am looking for suggestions on workout programs. I don’t want to build my own right now.

looking for 3-4 days a week at the gym to start. I am busy dad.


supplements to take or if any.
I would like to find a good ideal combination. money wise $200 to $300 a month. if I can do it will less even better!

Thanks in advance.

Full body, three times a week.

Eat to win.

Best supplement out there, very cheap and considered a magic bullet is called Consistency.

Good luck.


Appreciate JFG,

I totally agree with Consistency!

The program you choose depends on your exact goals. If you’re going to use one supplement use Plazma. That would be 140 a month.

This to get back into it for say 6 weeks…

then this…

Yep Plazma is king.

Fish oil, creatine and zinc/ZMA also proven staples

Thanks Rampant!

I definitely like both of those workouts after reading over them.

I also considered this one, maybe for a later routine.

I was already considering Plazma as my go to!

I really appreciate the insight

Yeah could work, Paul Carter’s stuff is legit

Supplements that work:


I’m not listing whey because that’s just food.

I don’t take anything except caffeine. Two powerlifting buddies at the gym, both with 425+ wilks (I only hit a measly 406), don’t take anything either. One of them just squatted 700 /w wraps at a meet.

IMHO, you’re just throwing money down the drain with supplements. But if you want to spend a lot of money on them, Plazma is one of the more expensive ones.