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Program after Sheiko?

I’m looking for a bit of help here from anyone who’s run Sheiko cycles or has knowledge of Sheiko training.

If I change to a different program after Sheiko, am I likely to lose my gains for the reduced frequency? Could they be maintained by replacing that frequency and volume with intensity/high percentages?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve never done Sheiko but I’m thinking you would have to get used to whatever program you get on after Sheiko first. I remember transitioning from SS/5x5 to 5/3/1, it took me a month to get used to squatting once a week.
I would also like to know what other people have done.

I read on some threads, people ran Sheiko several times in a year and saw great results.

I ran Sheiko two years ago for an entire year and i add 275 to my total. Then, i switched to Westside and I gain almost 150 to my total. I guess high frequency worked well for me because i was bodybuilding before turning to Sheiko so my body was adapted to high frequency. I guess you should stick to Sheiko because it worked well for me but if you want to change i would go to a westside.

I like switching between high frequency routines and something like WS. I think Westside is easier to peak with when it come time for a meet, and almost always to something similar. I used sheiko and other russian type routines with great success, especially in the accumulation block.

Thanks for the response, especially so quickly.

Westside is definitely an option after a few more cycles, but I don’t think I’m advanced enough to do it justice. 5/3/1 is another option I suppose, but I like my results quickly haha (I know it’s not a race etc).

My main concern is losing my Squat strength from going Squatting up to 4 times a week to once a week - any experience with this?

The reduced frequency coupled with increased intensity will provide a new stimulus. It might even help your body grow. There is no good reason why you would lose gains.

Juggernaut method is something else to look into

Sheiko to 5/3/1 to madcow to westside to linear periodization is the optimal order of programs. Trust me I’m a certified scientific

Again, thanks for the replies.

I will most likely run a few cycles of 5/3/1 with a healthy dose of assistance work, most likely with a Squat variation on the Deadlift day to keep up the frequency.

I will probably run at least 3 cycles, as I presume it will take at least that long to get reasonable gains?