Program Advice

Hi guys, just thought I’d get some opinions about a new program.

Im probably not a beginner but for some reason feel like I should be posting in this forum, so anyways im 27, been training for around 6 years, its taken me that long to put on around 30lbs so I consider myself a hard gainer(although I know diet can always be improved), was playing football the whole time though so a lot of cardio.

Anyways I was away travelling and had a solid 3 months off, I’ve been back at the gym for 2 months now training hard and have put on another 10lbs taking me to about 172lbs at 5" 9, so still quite small but starting to get muscular, probably about 12-14% bodyfat.
Im on a 3 day split, do 3-4 sets, 6-15reps per exercise.

Day 1
Flat bench
Incline dumbbell press
Cable crossovers
Rope pulldown

Day 2
Pull ups
Bent over barbell rows
Seated cable rows
Ezibar bicep curls
Seated dumbbell bicep curls

Day 3
Military press
Side lateral raises
bent lateral raises(rear delts)
Abs (bunch of things)

During that 3 days ill throw in squats, deadlifts and standing calve raises (got small calves) whenever I get time, workout generally takes about 45min as I do it at lunchtimes.

So anyways I’ve made some ok gains and I was wondering if at 2 months if its a good idea to switch to another program or keep going for another month on what im on, does anyone know of a good program for me to switch too if I should? Im so used to this program now (and quite like it) that im a bit stumped about what else might work for me.

Cheers for any input you guys might have.
Clint :slight_smile:


  1. There are no ‘Hard Gainers’, only ‘Hard Learners’

  2. Start by reading the Beginners threads on top of this forum and follow the links in those articles.

  3. Pick a good program and follow it through, i would recommend a upper/lower split lifting 4 times/week

  4. Stop “[…]throwing in squats, deadlifts[…]whenever you got time” Start training the other 50% of your body seriously. These are no ‘filler’, but THE money exercises who actually put on the most mass. Most of the other stuff you do are filler exercises, which are good to complement a real program, but do not make a good program themselves.

Other than that, 2 months is most likely enough time to see if a program works or doesnt work. The best indicator are your lifts, as long as you are improving on you lifts you can stick to that program. Also, if you have trouble gaining mass the problem is usually nutrition, you cannot outtrain a bad diet.