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I put this program together off of the 5x5 idea and just wonder what you all think.

bench press-5x5
military press-5x5
incline press-3x5
close-grip bench-3x5

glute ham raise: 3x15

Light bench: 2x10
Dumbbell press: 3x5
skull crushers: 3x8-10
side/front/rear lats: 2x10

front squats-5x5
stiff leg dead-3x5
bent-over row-3x5

age: 15
height: 5'6
weight: 195

current maxes
Bench: 245
Military press: 185
Squat: 335
Power clean: 200
Deadlift: 335
Front squat: 205

Fullback/linebacker(american football)
Next powerlifting meet:
late summer

If you see anything that needs to be fixed in my program let me know,



At a quick overview, you definitely need to do more back work (chin ups, pull ups, rowing variations). Your hamstrings and your back have a HUGE potential to grow bigger. I think it was Arnold that once said, "The key to a 60 inch chest is to work your back." As your back grows, so will your chest, but it is hard if not impossible to build a strong bench with without a strong back.

I take it you have been training your chest like this since you started weight training? If so, flip it up, and work your back 3x harder than your chest for a while to fix the balance. Trust me; it will benefit you later on. Also, throw in some ab work each day (one exercise per day). Strengthening the core, is a good goal to have if you want a big squat and dead.
What does your diet look like?

Good luck buddy,


Although you're doing alot of things right I'd say way too much pressing and not enough pulling. For example you have five different kinds of horizontal pressing and only one rowing motion. No chinups??

Also your intensity level for sunday is pretty high, are you sure you can really do all that on one day without compromising the later exercises? Abs, Obliques, Grip, Calves, Rotators, Neck, Posterior Deltoids all seem left out, though you'll have to decide if any of those are important to you.


I just currently got my diet down, latley its looked like this

5 egg whites
2 whole eggs
Protien shake
16 oz of water

protien bar or a muffin something light normally hard to get this meal because of school

noramlly some sort of deli meat turkey, ham, roast beef, some times tuna, a salad, and a couple milks

protien shake
flax seed oil
fish oil

steak, or chiken some sort of main dish
pasta or rice

peanut butter, banana, honey sandwich
16 oz of milk

i normally get a gallon+ of water a day also

Were could i work in more pulling exercises and neck, rear delt, rotator, ab work?


Side lateral raise(Each arm seperate)
D.B. Bent over row(each arm seperate/no bracing bench with other arm)-5x5
D.B.Reverse fly(same as above)-5x5

Front squat-5x5
stiff leg dead lift-5x5
D.B. Bicep curl(switch 1 left,1 right,1 left..ect.for total of 10)-5x5
D.B. Hammer Curl(same as above)-5x5

When you go 1 for 1 each arm, you can hammer out more, than if you go full 5 then full 5 for other arm.

Also throw these in:

Pre workout- weight gainer drink
Bedtime- Casein protein drink mix


Are you allergic to fruit and veggies??? Eat'em up. They're good for you.



I also forgot to mention abs.

weighted Situps-5x5
weighted led raise-5x5
(hanging version for these 2 if possible)
Plank-hold for as long as you can 1x

weighted russien twist-5x5 (each side)
Twisting wood chops-5x5 (each side. 20bl or heavier hammer if possible)
D.B. side bend-5x5 (each side)


It is overkill to do that all in two training sessions. As one of the previous posters said, it is better to just do one ab/oblique exercise a day and rotate them ever 4-5 weeks.

Get strong.


I agree. But if you look at every day is going to be overkill....

Monday....6 pressing movement for 5x5,by the time he gets to the last pressing move his tri's are going to be burnt.

Same thing with wednesday & sundays, hes lifting to heavy for 2 times a week on the same muscles...just check out some of chad waterburys article on this type of thing.

His whole routine is a little overkill, but if he can handle that,then it might possilbe for him to handle abs twice a week since each one I chose hits a little different than the other.....Mike robertson's anatomy articles will explain what im doing.

stay strong,



I think you might have read that wrong there is only 2 pressing movemnts for 5x5 and 2 for 3x5 and 1 for sets of 10. There's not even 6 exercises in that day or any days. Also im changing friday to a push/pull combo droping skull crushers and pushdowns replacing with chin-ups and chest supported rowing. I also am not going as heavy as you think, i am not going for a 5 rep max on everything but rather starting light around 60% of my 1RM then adding 5 pounds every week or so throughout a 16 week period.


The ab/oblique exercises are great. I agree that the program in general is a bit of an over kill He is training four days a week. That means he can do 4 different ab/oblique exercises a week. Since the ab/oblique exercises are not near as strenuous as some of the compound lifts I think he should be able to do one exercise at the end of each workout easily. Although I think he will be able to get all his ab/oblique work in the way I mentioned, it is not a good idea to mix compound lifts like deads & front squat on the same day.

It is good to push yourself, but you are not really going to be able to front squat as heavy as you would if you didn't do these two lifts on the same day(hence, your not going to be able to take full advantage of front squats). Try to cycle your workout every four weeks. I find doing 80%, 90%, 45%, 100%+, works awesome for a four week cycle, and you even get your unloading week in week three. Keep a log, so you can keep track of your progress monthly!

Also, if you have a shitty diet, you will not progress as well as if you had a good diet.