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Im 16 years old and just got into powerlifting when i turned 14, my best lifts are:


I put together thhis program and any advice or suggestions would be nice

Week 1-2: 2 board press 3RM
Week 3-4: incline press 1RM
week 5-6: floor press 3RM
week 7-8: bench Press 1RM

Incline or flat DB press: 3 sets of 5 reps
shoulder press or DB shoulder press: 3 sets of 8 reps
Lat pull or pull ups: 3 sets of 8
Skull crushers or JM press: 3 sets of 8

Wedensday: ME SQ/DE
Week 1-2: Box squat 1rm
week 3-4: rack pull 3rm
week 5-6: high box squat 1rm
week 7-8: deads of 2in platform: 3rm
Lunges or step ups: 3x8
Weighted hypers or pull trhoughs: 3x8
glute hams: 3x8 or 3x max

Friday: DE BENCH
speed bench: 8x3 (50-65%)
push press or split jerk: 1 or 3rm
bent over row: 4x6
close grip or dips: work up to heavy 5(not a RM)
rear delt raises or face pulls 3x10

sunday: DE squat
speed box squats: 8x2(50-65%)
cleans or deads: 1 or 3rm
Good morning or RDL: heavy 5
Close stance squat or front squat: 4x6

how do you all think that is set up, any advice will be good.

i also play football


The people on the forum will be able to give you better advice if you provide some more information.

1) What is your height and weight?

2) What is your goal; do you want great powerlifting numbers or to improve your speed and strength on the football field? These goals can be similar, but they are not identical.

3) For powerlifting, what weight class do you want to participate it?

4) What position(s) do you play in football?

5) What are your weak points on the football field (strength/speed/other) what are your weak points on the three competitive lifts (where do you tend to lose a max squat, are you a strength lifter or a speed lifter, where do you have problems on bench and DL?)

6) When is your next PL meet?

All of these factors will have a tremendous impact on your programming.


Definitely give us goals as to what you want to achieve first. If your primary concern is improving your game or improving your lifts for a meet.


  1. 5 foot 7 190lbs

2.right now getting my powerlifting numbers up, but once summer starts more running and speed.

  1. fullback, linebacker, some some nose gaurd

  2. problems on the feild are mostly speed, i have a very good jump off the line but my down feild speed is lagging, in squat my worst part is the bottom i tend to get stuck in the hole, im probaly more of a strength lifter, in the bench my sticking point is my chest, my lockout strength is defently my strong point, dead lift is strange, i did rack pulls for the first time and i could only do 20 more pounds than my regular deadlift so i think my sticking point might be lockout.

  3. My next meet isn't untill this winter.