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Hi people's

Starting a new low rep program soon,but was wondering which one u guys think will give me the best hypertrophy/strengh gains.

1.Charles Poliquin's new german volume training 10 x 5 10 x 4 etc

2.3 x 5 full body 3 times week,mon,wed,fri.

I respond best on low reps :smiley:

Coming back from a 3 week layoff as weel due to a nasty cold :frowning:

im 25 6,4 250 pounds been training 9 years if u wanted my stats.

The only question i have about the new GVT is it trains a muscle once every 5 days or so but Waterbury says that training a muscle 3 times a week is much better then once.

So would u guys reccomend training a bodypart once a week with a certain volume or split it up like in my second option throuout the week.

Many thanks



Then you'd probably do well on a more "conventional" Waterbury routine, like 10x3. GVT can be pretty rough, I've heard. And 3x5 is too low volume to produce decent hypertrophy gains. Any reason you narrowed the field down to these 2 routines?

That's probably why Waterbury didn't design the GVT program. Some people only drink black coffee. Some people only drink coffee with half-and-half. And some people only drink decaf. Everyone has their opinions, but that doesn't mean anybody's wrong.

Again, everyone's got their own ideas. Waterbury likes anywhere from 2-4 times per weekt, per part. Other coaches prefer more minimalistic approaches.

Try one routine for a bit, if it doesn't "feel" right, try something else.


The problem Im seeing with all these routine recommendations is the lack of a yearly progress plan. No ones putting any emphasis on where they plan on being in terms of strength, speed or endurance (or hypertrophy) a year from now. Its like, heres a routine, use it, now try another "routine", gets kinda routine doesnt it?

Thats why it was better when CT and CW and especially Staley were spouting out ideas rather than handing out detailed routines. Since as you'll notice the BULK of the questions they answer are along the lines of can I substitue a minute something for another minute something coach?
Well, no shit fuck-oh. Any plan must morph to the users needs and specific requirements but that seems to be a lost concept lately.

Im sorry I went off on a tangent there.
But I really would like to see more of an aerial view of things and being bamobarded with routine after routine and trying to make all this pieces fit the puzzle makes me want...icecream?

Jeez, how off topic was that?

Sorry for the hijack. Id give Poliquin a shot first then up the frequency to a CW routine if I were you. Because its not like CP hasnt helped many people make many gains ya know.



Most of CW's programs would be great:
The Waterbury Method
The Art of Waterbury

I also like CT's Renaissance program and Joe DeFranco's WSSB.


Nothing beats Waterbury routines for me
but everybody is different so experiment to find whats best for you.


I did the conventional one muscle group per day for a quite some time and it got to the point where I just got bored with it..maybe your different but speaking for myself I much prefer a lower body/upper body split or Total Body Training. I guess like everyone else is saying its all about what works for you.Dude its all trial and error..don't you know by now what works best for you?


Im a big fan of Waterburys training parameters and a big believer in the concept that the more times you can train a muscle and recuperate the more gains you will see...lately ive seen BIG gains by utilizing a training regimen where i employ varying set/rep parameters as outlined in Chads Set/Rep bible...my routine has a little twist...it consists of doing all my upper body musculature in one session 4 times per week.

The next week i train my lower body 4 times while resting the upper body...sort of a one week on,one week off regimen.The week off serves not only to desensitize the muscles from training,but also helps tendons and ligaments to recuperate .It is also great for concentration and motivation.I believe that one day this will become a very popular method...Leon.