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Program Advice?


I guess that’s the harder part. LOL


Here is a example of keeping the ego in line… Here is my son doing some testing on deads with his Training max. Notice how as he goes for his fourth rep he shuts it down when he notices a rounding in his lower back.


Wow, nice solid pull. He’s lucky to have you as a coach. The results speak for themselves. Too bad I’m in a commercial “fitness” gym… No one to talk to much about form and strength training



so im guessing not allot of serious guys there that could teach you proper form on deads I take it?


Only a handful of us squat regularly. Even less deadlift regularly. The one that deadlifts regularly is on a highway to snap city and I have no plans of joining him. He doesn’t look like the type who wants to be bothered anyway. A powerlifting/strength training approach is practically unheard of among the regular guys that lift a decent amount of weight…all they know about it is it uses heavier weights at less reps. A good number of other lifters are too busy getting their gaiinnzzz with their belt slapped on the whole day doing half reps. So yeah, not a lot really haha.

On the plus side, the squat rack is almost never used except on mondays when it’s national chest day. Lol