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Hi guys,

Never been a frequent poster, but I have a lot of respect for the collective wisdom on these boards, so I wanted to post a program I will be starting soon and get some advice.

Goals: ease back into lifting after a long time off due to injury. Gain a bit of size and strength before transitioning to a fat loss focused program.

Every day starts with a warm-up and some mobility work and ends with flexibility. A habit from a martial arts background. Everything is 5x5 unless otherwise noted.

Day 1:
A1: Deadlift
A2: Kettlebell Swings 4x30 (in between A1 sets)
B2: Barbell Hip Thrusts

Day 2:
A1: Pull Ups
A2: Dips (chest)
B1: DB Rows
B2: Inclined DB Press

Day 3:
A1: Triceps Kickbacks
A2: High Pulls
B1: Shoulder Press
B2: Should Side Raises

Appreciate any opinions and improvements.




What kind of injury? From your proposed training, I'm guessing it was a knee issue?Is it 100% healed, so you're cleared for full/intense training?

Nothing at all wrong with that. Good stuff, especially post-injury.

How I'd tweak it...

Day 1:
A1: Pull Ups 5x4-6
A2: Dips (chest) 5x8-10
B1: DB Rows 4x8-10
B2: Low incline DB Press 4x10-12

Day 2:

A: Deadlift 5x3-5
B1: Goblet squat 4x8-10
B2: Kettlebell Swings 4x25
C1: Dumbbell lunge 3x8-10
C2: Barbell Hip Thrusts 3x6-10

Day 3:
A: High Pulls 4x2-4
B1: Shoulder Press 4x6-8
B2: Shoulder Side Raises 4x8-10
C1: Alternate dumbbell curl 4x8-10
C2: Triceps Kickbacks 4x10-12

Sets and reps get tweaked for better efficiency (not everything is great with 5x5). Legs/chest-back/shoulders-tris becomes chest-back/legs/shoulders-bis-tris for better overall recovery. More lower body work in general (if your recovered injury permits).

Exercise order is flipped for better efficiency - supersetting kickbacks with high pulls and deads with swings doesn't make much sense, in terms of max power output on the big lifts; deads and swings and RDLs and hip thrusts in one session is overkill, especially if you're just getting back into lifting.

And of course remember that if gaining size is a priority, your nutrition needs to be dialed in.


Here you go... Its a template that follows the 531 BBB model but I've tweaked for novice lifters and those getting back into it:

1) Bench
Bench press 5x5
Bench press 5x10
Lat work 10 sets

2) Squat
Squat 5x5
Squat 5x10
Ab work 10 sets

3) Shoulder press
Shoulder press 5x5
Shoulder press 5x10
Lat work 10 sets

4) Deadlift
Deadlift 5x5
Deadlift 5x10
Ab work 10 sets

Doesn't get any simpler than that...


Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. I'm excited to get back to the gym armed with some good advice.

@Chris Yup, I hyper extended my knee, but I also had a problem with my right hip. They didn't call it a dislocation, but the ball that fit in the joint there was slipping out slightly. All is well now though, and I am in the clear.




Good to hear.

Maybe also consider single-leg RDLs or similar exercises. They work each leg unilaterally from the low back through the glutes and hams right down to the calves and ankles.


Second that.

After my injury, I did Single RDL with dumbells, hypers and hip trusts for 3 months, with lots of Agile 8's. After three months, I tried Dl's and stopped at 225. Just didn't want to hurt myself again. But it felt good to be flexible, strong and no pain.