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I am very skinny and lanky but I want to have more muscle and look better, feel better, and be healthier
I will buy any food that will get me to my goals. I am curious how much I can bulk up in 6 months. Could someone develop a customized workout for me?

I want to weigh close to 190 pounds I am 140 pounds currently so I got a long way to go. Also nutrition plan would be nice. A strict one


Go to the gym three days a week. Alternate between two workouts:

barbell back squat 4x8
bench Press 4x8
dumbbell row 4x8

deadlift 4x8
barbell military press 4x8
chin up (attach weight if it gets easy) 4x8

Add weight whenever the 4x8 become easy. Ideally, this means ‘every workout’ for quite some time. Don’T start with weights that feel fucking heavy, learn perfect technique. Hint: perfect technique means you make the weight look easy.

Eat 2,500-3,000 calories a day. CLEAN food, no sugar, not too much junk food. Get 150-ish grams of protein each day. Try to get them from actual food (meat, fish, eggs, dairy, legumes), use protein powders sparingly.
Do NOT think you can just eat and be big. Your diet is the fuel but you won’t go anywhere if you keep missing training sessions.
Also, if you’re 160 at some point in the near future - pat yourself on the back and realise it will take a while to get to 190.

Lastly: You can find all of this in the stickies on top of the beginner forum. Do work, don’t expect strangers to spoon feed you all the information you need.

[quote]Lion24 wrote:
Could someone develop a customized workout for me?

…Also nutrition plan would be nice. A strict one
In all seriousness you will want to hire a professional if you need a tailored program including diet.

This site has 100’s of programs on it in the “Logs” section as well as the articles and forums. If you don’t have the fortitude to research programs for yourself why would someone take the time to make one for you?

[quote]Lion24 wrote:
Could someone develop a customized workout for me?

Also nutrition plan would be nice. A strict one[/quote]
I see JLo’s grumpy cat and raise it one.

Seriously, man, there are enough resources on this site alone that you should be able to figure out at least a starting point that you could tell us you’re already doing before “asking” for advice like this.

Depending on how tall you are (especially if you’re 5’10"ish or above) and how quickly you get your act together (training and diet in line), you could get pretty close to 190 in those 6 months. (Why a 6 month timeframe though?)

The most important thing, which Nighthawkz also mentioned, is to be consistent with your training and eating.

Id like a Gulftream 5 full of naked fitness models all waiting to make me sammichs

Thanks for all the help. Yes, I did look into the forums. Been browsing everything I can on this site. To answer another question I want to get my build before the year runs out. That’s why I want it in 6 months.

The articles here are more useful than the forums for beginners. But, as others have mentioned, all you need is to spend time and effort on lifting and eating. Iron out the details later, but get started A S A P.

I have began to train for about a month or two. I am starting to see progress
I was just wondering on diet and particular exercises