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Program Advice Needed

I need a little bit of help. With all the programs advised out there on the internet I thought I might ask here to get a little more targeted advice.

I am looking on some advice on designing a workout program for myself. I would like to work out 5-6 days a week focusing on Compound lifts. The exercises to use are pretty obvious. Nothing different than I have done in the past.

However at the moment I am in a cutting phase. Should I follow the advice of the past and stick with high repetitions or should I throw a heavy day or two in there? Also, rest intervals and superstets. I like to utilize supersets constantly. I like the exhausted feeling I get when I am done.
So if anyone has any advice please send it my way. Thanks.

Just pick a main lift for each day and work that heavy, e.g. work to a heavy or max set of 4-8 reps. Then do auxiliary lifts to drive up that main lift, and do supersets, drop sets, rest-pause, very high reps, or whatever you feel like on your assistance work. For instance, you might go:

-JS Row or Pullup
-Military or Push Press…

for your main lifts, and then do:

-Upper Back/Traps

for your assitance. Just one of an endless number of ways you can set things up. This way, you get your heavy work in and your bodybuilding work in. Best of both worlds…

thanks I appreciate the input