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Program Advice for a 2B Hardgainer?

Hi CT, I’m a skinny guy from Chile, training consistently more or less 4 years, but not a lot of gains. Currently 178 cms and 65 kg.

I’m a 2B (you helped me to determine this). Even though I put a lot of effort, train ultra hard, lots of volume and food, I do not have a lot of gains to show (sometimes I even increase bodyfat without gaining muscle!).

Your article about hardgainers makes sense, I am definitely one of them (because of the gene and the caracteristics that you described).

Being a 2B type (close to 3, I am very anxious) and hardgainer, which program would you suggest me? I want to get a lot of mass and strength, but I do not want to increase my BF% by a lot. I take very seriously my training and nutrition.

Is the best plan for strength a good option?

If I only had 4 training days, which plan would be “the best” ? (may be among yours or just from another trainer)

Thanks a lot!

He recommended this for type 3 earlier. May be appropriate.

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Thanks believer! I like the plan, however for hardgainers CT talks about doing kind of longer sets, to stimulate mTor. It would be great if he (or just someone with more knowledge) would give some guidelines to perform the reps or something like that in order to make this program more appropiate.

As of now I really like the best damn strength program and I would like to give a go as it seems like it has the aspects recommended by CT, however it would be great if he gave a little extra tweaks to make it more optimized for the hardgainer like me.

Not to activate mTOR, to accumulate lactic acid… sets lasting 40-70 seconds… you can use the plan above but use a slower tempo to reach the right time zone.

Great, thanks. Considering the plan above, I guess that would be right for all sets but the 4x6.
Besides that, is the best damn strength plan a good option?
Would hoy modify something as I am hardgainer
And 2b?

My brother is a hard gainer and had success doing something like this.

A. Deficit sumo deadlft ramp to 3 rep max
B. Conventional deadlift double pyramid
2 x 12
2 x 10
2x 8
2x 6
2x 4
2 x 2
C. Inverted row 3 x 12
C2 . Ab rollout 3 x 12

Day 2

A. snatch high pull ramp 3rm
B. Bench double pyramid
C1. One arm elbow row 3 x 12
C2 chest dips 3 x 12

Day 3

A. Close stance paused frankentstein squat ramp 3 rm
B. Zercher squat sumo stance double pyramid
C1. Reverse lunges from deficit 3 x 12
C1. Frog style crunches 3 x amap

Day 4
A. Muscle snatch ramp 3rm
B. Military press double pyramid
C. Close grip (4-6 inches) chin ups 3 x amap
C2. Shrugs 3 x 12

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Greatly appreciate the advice, however when doing something close to my 3RM I get fried pretty fast (3 weeks at most) so I do not think I can do that workout

This is very common for a 2B… they really should not go to 90% or more in training


I think i am a type 3, and i can be very focused as long as i make progress and dont drain myself, when i starting to stall i have a bad habbit of trying to find something else to do. Ex diffrent program or trying to set up my own program.

The (light) and (moderate) sets are they taken close to fail or should they feel good and fast?

I know myself, and i will try to gind the weight upp just so i can add some weight for the next session. Its like im thinking that i wont make any progress or bulid some muscles if i dont.

Stupid i know, but cant help it, it just happens.

Thx for everything, both CT and all others.

Wow man, ir happens the same to me. Particularly grinding weight or doing more volume. I have the same question. So far, do you like the setup por the best damn strength plan?
It seems perfect for me, but right now I can’t traía 6 days a week


I never tried best damn strenght plan.

I train 3 days, sometimes 4 days a week.

Should probably start your own topic

That doesn’t sound like a type 3… type don’t like variation and prefer to stick to a routine.

Type 3 …

Love structure
hate to taker risks
They intelectualize every decision
Have a hard time shuting their brain down
don’t like social/physical contacts
do not respond well to changes
do not easily relate to others

Hi CT,

Well some of that fits my profile.

Hate to take risks, overthink stuff, i research everything if I’m gonna buy something, waking in the middle of the night and think about work, can’t fall back to sleep. Don’t like places with a lot of people. Hard to let go of control on stuff, work and private. I don’t even trust the pilot in a plane…

Maybe i should start my own thred and not hi-jack this one.

But thx for replying and if you think i fit in another profile plz let me know.

Regards Robert

you can do it 4xtimes a week, and running the 6 days like that ! i did that for 8 weeks, great result !