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Program Advice After 5x5. Push-Pull-Legs?


A new poster here.
I am looking for advice on how to reach my goals. My goal is really a good physique.

I am 33, 85 kg, 174 cm. Obviously European. My main problem obviously is fat. I am at about 25 % body fat.

Been lifting the past two years but mostly fucking around.

I did 5x5 for 2 months and then I am now on the last week of some methabolic training to recover from the heavy 5x5. While on the 5x5 I reached:
100 kg squats for 5 reps for 5 sets,
110 kg DL for one set of 5,
70 kg bench for 5x5 and
60 kg seated OHP for 5x5.

My lower body is also much more muscular and bigger than my upper.

I have soccer background as a kid and teen. Doing amateur soccer right now, but I am quitting on it, feeling too old and slow. And an year of hobbist boxing.

I was thinking on some push, pull, legs 6 times per week, but I thought I will seek online advice. As said I am at 25 % body fat and I am trying to reach 12 - 16 %.
I have packed on some muscle and do not look terrible, but there is way too much fat at lower abdominal, love handles, lower chest where usually man store fat. So looking forward to hearing some solid advice from more experienced lifters.

Nutrition is going to be crucial toward reaching your goal of having less fat. Lifting not as much. Continue to lift weights, but what are you doing to address your nutrition?

That is a good question.

I recently moved to live by myself and I am a terrible cook but so far I have gotten good results with the following

  1. 200g of Bulgarian Yogurt + 50-100 g oats
    Work out and I am having my protein shake during the work out
  2. 2 eggs + banana while driving to work
  3. apple + carrot somewhere around 11-12
  4. rise or sweet potato + chicken breast + 2 eggs during lunch
  5. salad + tuna or pork for lunch and some lentis/bean soup

I lost about 2/3 kg for 2 weeks on this plan. Obviously I am not measuring, nor counting. The only major change I plan on doing so far is going for fish + salad + lentis/beans soup on the evening and removing the meat.

Sometimes at afternoons I get hungry and buy myself 50 grams of nuts.

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Try either of these…

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Or Mexican/South American (South Texan here)
Along with the diet stuff and the routines @RampantBadger posted, you can just find a bodybuilding routing on this site and hone-in on the diet.

Do you think that would work?

I actually chose PPL, because I read one of the coaches programs who recommended a 6 day PPL for quicker body changed. The reasoning was more activity and calories burned every day.

I am really looking forward to trying a true body building program.

Which coach?

Paul Carter it seems

Well here is what I decided to do.
Would someone more experienced suggest if I am getting it wrong.
Using exercises based on equipment I have
Pull A
1.DL 1 or 2 heavy sets of 5-6 reps
2. Chin ups 5x5 (my max is 5 reps)
3. Cable rows - 3 x 8-12
4 SS pullover + reverse flies - 3x8-12
5. Hammer curls 3-x8-12
6. Barbel curl 3 x 8 -12

Push A

  1. Bench 3x 6
  2. Ohp 3 x 10
  3. Incline 3x8-12
  4. Fly 3x8-12
  5. SS lat rises + push downs 2 x 8-12
  6. SS lat rises + over head triceps movement 2x8-12

Leg A

  1. Squat 3x6
  2. FS 3x10
  3. Hamstring curls 3x 8-12
  4. Walking lunges 3 x 10 per leg
  5. Core

Pull B

  1. Barbel row - 3x6
  2. Lat pull downs - 3-8-12
  3. Face pulls - 3x8-12
  4. Rreverse flyes 3x8-12
  5. Barbell curl 3x8-12
  6. Preacher curl 3x6
    May add calf work to SS with the curls

Push B

  1. OHP 3 x 6
  2. Bench 3x10
  3. Dips 5x5 ( my max is 6)
  4. Fly 3x8-12
  5. SS triceps + lat rises 2x8-12
  6. Ss triceps + lat rises 2x8-12

Leg B
FS 3x6
Squat - 3x10
RDL 3x8
Bulgarian split squat 3x8-12

I usually play soccer with friends 1-3 times per week. But some weeks we do not. I ll do leg day B only when we do not.
My squat and DL are way stronger than my bench and OHP and I think soccer will burn my legs enough for training them twice per week.

That’s quite a bit of weekly volume dude. If you’re dead set on lifting 6 days a week, try to halve the amount of exercises you’ve chosen per day.

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What would you remove?
On primavista I d remove the incline bench and dips from the push days and reverse flyes, pull overs and face pulls from the pull days to reduce the work load on the shoulders.

Hey man, sorry, didn’t see that you responded to that. My first instinct would be to check out a fully written program that is oriented to your preference. “Optimal Strength Training for the Natural Athlete” by CT is a good one. You can find it on his Thibarmy site via google.

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Yeah thats fine if hit it hard.
Add a rest day in the middle like 3on-1off, especially if going to do soccer up to 3 times a week

I ve read the optimal strength program and it seems like something that would work for me. Just needs more effort in recording and measuring. Thank you for the good recommendation.

No problem, good luck with it!