This is what i know. I know that trenbolone acetate is a progestin, but it is illegal. I know that the law states that some progestins are legal. I have heard of methyl-1-P, and i know that it is also a progestin, but i heard it does not work very well.

Are there any legal progestins chemically related to trenbolone acetate? The main ingredient in a new supplement from ALRI is 17b-Methoxy-Trienbolone, which is a progestin, but is it related to trenbolone acetate? How would the 2 compare as far as muscle gain/fat loss? I would love to hear from someone as knowledgeable as Cy on this one because I am very curious.

I’m definately not CY but Trenobol has worked and it is a progestin 2 molocules away from the real trenobolone. Some stores still ditribute it. It worked WAY better than M1P.