Progesterone Cream vs an AI


Would you please comment on the “info for men” found on the “Progesterone Therapy” website? I’ve started my GF on the cream with good results, but have read your comments re men, that “estrogen balances test” (I thought “estrogen follows test”, mine has risen to 67, my Dr will not prescribe an AI(I’m ready to self medicate), as I do 200/mg/wk on my HRT).

Am wondering why the cream would not be an effective alternative to arimidex or aromasin?

As everyone says, thanks for all you do.


Estrogen by itself is toxic to breast tissue, prostate, uterus and the single cell thick endothelial cell lining of blood vessels.

For women, progesterone balances their E2 levels by affecting gene expression in the cell nuclei.

For men, testosterone preforms this role, but note that E2 levels are vastly lower.

This does not in any way suggest that progesterone is in any way useful as an AI.

Get anastrozole: google “research chemical anastrozole”