Progesterone Cream Affecting E2 Test Results?

I have a question, I recently tested low on Progesterone and Cortisol and I started progesterone cream in 10mg a day before bed to get these up.

These are results before progesterone supplementation:

Cortisol (Serum) [b] 6.6 ug/dL /b - Ref: 6.24-18 ug/dL
Progesterone 0.19 ng/mL - Ref: 0.3 ng/mL (Men age 18-29)

It improved issues with anxiety and helped me sleep a lot better. But now after 1 month I have retested E2 and it shows up as very low.

E2: < 10 pg/mL (before: 25)

I think I overdid the progesterone because my E2 doesn’t show up on the normal test (this is not sensitive test).

I think I screwed my E2 test up also because I took progesterone before bed day before test in morning. I also took more then usual because leak from bottle.

However I do not feel much symptoms of low E and I have felt ok. I had low E from AI use before and this is not same feeling. Obviously I am stopping progesterone now.

Anyone know if Progesterone cream 8-12 hours before E2 test can scew the test results lowering E2 to much?

E2 and progesterone should not affect each other’s lab results.

Are you on TRT or natural?
Progesterone could be lowering LH/FSH and thus E2.

Hi KSman, for my own knowledge, what effect does Progesterone have on LH/FSH. If one is not on TRT, would supplementing with Progesterone shutdown the HPTA? I can’t seem to find an answer to that question. Thanks

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