Progess on Low Fat & Low Carb Diet

I inherited a crappy disease. I have chronic pancreatitis and pre-diabetes. With chronic pancreatitis, I have to maintain a low fat diet to avoid attacks and low carb is recommend to prevent full blown diabetes.

Doc wants me to only consume 30-50 grams a fat a day :frowning:

So far this has been a big help Nutritional Resources for Patients | Stanford Health Care on what foods to avoid, but nothing on calories. If I followed their diet, I would lose weight rapidly.

Otherwise I am 32 year male old who can exercise and lift weights. I would like to consume 3,000-4,000 calories if possible. I am 6โ€™0 and 175lbs. I would like to maintain my weight, it took over 4 years to get to 175lbs, I was 150lbs since high school. Only reason I got to 170 is because I avoided my docs advice, not a good idea. But now I am just skinny fat.

Any advice on diet plan please?

My weight training consist of squats, deadlifts, military press, barbell curls and push-ups.

Assuming you donโ€™t want to end up on insulin, the only thing I could think of to get you calories would be to use medium chain triglycerides and protein as your dietary macros.

And voila,

It looks like MCTs are used by people with pancreatitis because it is easily digested and used for energy.

I would still want to get 25% of daily caloric needs from carbs (rice and potatos) as this level seems to produce the best insulin sensitivity.

And in fact, 25% carbs, 25% protein and 50% fat, mostly from MCTs is right in line with my personal caloric breakdown.

I am not sure where to find nearly pure MCT sources though. Coconut oil is more than half MCT, mostly 12 carbons long. Goat butter and cheese has shorter 6, 8 and 10 carbon triglycerides.

So plausibly a diet of coconut oil, goat milk cheese and butter, (50% of cals) and rice and potatoes (25% of cals) and 25% protein could be suited to low carb diet that also needs to deal with pancreatitis.

It also would be beneficial to eat fermented vegetables, as intestinal bacteria can break down fiber from veggies, potatoes and fruit into a short chain fatty acid known as butyrate which can stabilize blood sugar and provide some calories.

Thanks for breaking that down for me.

I never even heard of Medium chain triglycerides or remember hearing about it. But I just looked into and itโ€™s exactly what I need to incorporate into my diet.