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Progam for my wife

Hello, my wife would like a free weight progam made up for her, something simple, if there are any other women with one on hand that they use please post it for my wife. Thank you!!

Hi Steve-o! Please tell your wife that there are all kinds of free articles here! She can read them for free! She can download them for free! She can even post here once she’s put a program together and get feedback - FOR FREE!!!

In case you haven’t realized yet, the above is sarcasm. How the fuck is anyone supposed to be able to put together a program for someone who we know nothing about?!? Does she want to lose weight? Gain weight? Get stronger? No, wait…! I know! She wants to TONE, right?

Tell your wife to get off her ass and educate herself, and quit relying on others to do her legwork for her. Everything she needs is here on the T-mag site - and yes, don’t worry, it’s free.


What char said :slight_smile:

Hey Char-dawg,
I feel your frustration man. But the fact of the matter is that in an age of specialization, there are more people who see training like getting your car fixed, they would rather be told to get the oil changed every 3000 miles, and check the fluid levels every week etc than learn how to do all the work themselves. Men and women alike, but I have found this with women mostly.
Only after seeing results do they sometimes start to wonder the hows and whys.
Steve-o, my wife could care less about the whys and hows, she would rather be told what to do. But she does it and if she starts to whine about I tell her she either wants it or she doesn’t. It took a long time to get out of shape it’l take time to get back into shape, but I can’t do that part for you.
Steve-o like char-dawg said, it would be nice to know more about her goals, experience and where she is right now in terms of body size. Has she had any recent surgeries.
My wife did something similar to Coach Davies, “FAT TO FIRE” program when she was cleared after a C-Section, she omitted the weight portion and halfed the volume of everything else for 2-4 weeks, then did everything but the weights, as written and then added the weights at 2 sets and added two sets every other week until the 6 sets were being done.
Steve-o please learn how to post questions though. Vague and generalized doesn’t cut it. Just like the mechanic will ask what make model and year do you drive before other questions are asked, you can pretty much bet we’ll ask, “where are you at,” and “where are you going (goals).” before we get to specifics like what have you done for training in the past what are you eating habits like, how much time are you wanting to invest per day, per week etc.

Your right, my question was vague. I apologize. Being new to this forum I should have expected “flaming” from all the keyboard warriors in internet land rather than a simple “could you please specify”.

Then, if you’re new to this forum and to T-Mag in general, you and your wife need to begin with the FAQ. There you both will find a wealth of information on various training programs as well as diet/nutrition.

I’m pointing both of you in this direction since men and women can train the same.

Thanks! Will do!

Hey, bro, individuals make a living out of writing very specialized, individualized programs relative to each person’s training status and goals–as well as many other factors.

To simply expect someone here on the forum to write up a comprehensive program for your wife is quite foolish, as a matter of fact. Earlier, an analogy was given relative to getting your oil changed. You surely don’t expect an automotive expert to fix your car, change your oil, etc. without proper compensation, do you?

As mentioned, you’ll find many an article that give you the tips and recommendations you need for your wife and yourself.

Now, if you want a cookie-cutter, easy-to-do program, then you’re in the wrong place. This is not an overnight extravaganza. On the contrary, it takes much hard work and discipline and requires constant assessment and adjustment.

That being said, if you have any specific questions, we’ll be certain to address them and assist in any way feasible. Good luck!

I suppose I could have said “Please specify”… but the original request was so egregiously silly and insulting that I didn’t think it would do any good.

Steve-o, I don’t know what your area of expertise is, but whatever it is, please come over and help me out with it. For free. Whaddaya say?

-char the Keyboard Warrior (Hey, I kinda likethat… :wink: )

Hey char, i’ll be the bigger man here, sorry if i sounded rude or snarky, how about i consider what you said helpfull advice. I take back the keyboard warrior comment, but if you really do like the nick, keep it! Here’s Steve Geldert saying sorry to you and meaning it.