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Profuse Sweating


Figured I would toss this out to the crowd.

Since the beginning of time I have always been a victim of profuse sweating.

This can be during 40 degree weather or in 80 degree weather.

Short sleeves or no sleeves.

It is mostly "pure" as in it has no real odor. This can happen sitting still or even after a small walk down the street.

I know early onset of sweating is one of the adaptations to training in hot-climates, however this is an issue during the cold months and off-season as well.

You name it... Degree, Mitchum, Red Zone... I sweat through 'em all.

Anyone else have this problem?



Where do you sweat? Armpits or everywhere?


The "abnormal" episodes are almost entirely armpits.

If it turns into anything else it is generally acceptable as most everyone else is sweating at that point.


my house is really hot right now, I'm sweating profusely


Some people sweat more than others. I don't have it nearly to the extent you do, but I sweat a lot. You should've seen me after races or hard workouts. It was like I went swimming. If it actually happens to excess when not being active, I can see how that'd be annoying. I think there are procedures to 'fix' excessive sweating. But I don't know too much about them.


I seem to sweat right after my shower and as I'm making my MRP drink in the AM, yet in the PM I can walk a mile and not sweat at all. I am now in 100 plus degrees,

When at the gym I walk around with my towel. Have you ever got up from the seated rows bench and seen a sweat mark from your ass left behind?

Ohh.....never again.

I sit on and ALWAYS put towels under or behind me since I sweat like a pig.


Do you shave your pits? I find that in the summer it is the only way to go, especially if you have to dress shirt and tie for work.


Don't shave the pits bare.

Do cut back enough that anti-persp. is actually making contact with the skin.

In past shaving experiences (races) I end up entirely chopped up under my arms. The underarms just don't play nice with a razor.


I have the same problem and it is termed "hyperhidrosis". It is inconvenient enough for me to consider surgery (which involves a small incision near the arm pit and clamping off/cauterizing the sympathetic nerve chain near the ribs). I sweat at any time I am in the slightest "stressful" situation...which can come across as being nervous...which is the wrong impression to give when you are holding a scalpel and explaining to someone what you are about to do with it.

I sweat, not just from the arm pits (which can be hidden) but also largely from my head which you can't hide. With no hair, it makes it even more obvious since I can sweat in any temperature above freezing.

Those UnderArmour and Starter shirts help to some degree so the amount I sweat under the arms is more controlled. I ahve tried the prescription strength antiperspirants and they usually don't work well or handle the other areas.


Prof X sums it up right there.


I have had problems with extreme sweating for as long as I can remember. I just switched to a anti-perspirant called maxim and it is unbelievable. It has completely stopped the excessive sweating. Do a search and it will pop up. I recomened it big time.


I used to have the same problem. Go to a drug store right now, and get an antiperspirant called "Certain Dri"; use it exactly as directed. It's the only thing I've found that actually works for hyperhydrosis.


My nose doesnt stop sweating. Ever. Only in the winter does it not sweat.

My face sweats a lot, along with my back. My armpits arent too bad.

I tend to have something to wipe my face with at any time, then I dont feel so bad [I.E a hidden sweat band, as they are not 'cool']


I used to sweat bucket loads (and i live in ireland where its less than 15 celcius most of the time)when i had an uncontrolled over active thyroid though my resting heart rate was about 105bpm lol. If you have other symptoms go see a doctor but hyperhidrosis sounds about right - pretty hateful walking around in your own personal high humidity weather front all the time ain't it :wink:


It is pretty terrible.

I gave certain dry a shot awhile back. Got to the point of being painfully itchy trying to fall asleep at night.

I have heard of Botox Injections as well.


Certain Dri will do little for extreme cases of this, which is what I do believe I have. My metabolism has always been fast and I remember having this sweating problem since my freshman year in college. I focus in on it more now because I am dealing with people daily. I generally keep my air conditioning on down to 72-73 degrees. Any warmer and I start sweating.

The only benefit is the money I save in the winter.


hey all,
i used to have the same problem until i saw my doc. she prescribed a roll-on called drysol. what you do is every sunday night before the start of the workweek, roll it on before bed. at first, it stings like hell but i'll tell you what. i didn't sweat in my armpits during the week. it took care of my problem fairly quick, as long as i reapplied it every sunday. some friends had the same problem and they also started drysol with great success. give it a shot and good luck.


I got the same sweating problem, everytime i take a shower..right after i put a clean shirt i start sweating a shitload from the armpit.

Then it's from the back and the head.. I've never seen someone as drenched in the gym, most of em are curling pink dumbells anyway.

For the armpit sweating problems, i was using deodorant but since i tried anti perspirant (is it the way it's supposed to be written?) Power Stripe Extreme i really don't sweat AT ALL from the armpit.

I just don't think thats very healty..is it? You basically block the pores of the armpit so that it doesn't sweat anymore.. Where are all the wastes going? Back in the blood and drained by the kidneys?


I had the same problem also and in some cases it would drip and almost run from my arm pits, very nasty. What I did was switch to a deoderant w/o an anti-perspirant in it. I had an infected hair follicle and I didn't want to irritate it. I was afraid that I would really be sweating out buckets w/o the anti-perspirant but the opposite has seemed to be the case. Now I hardly ever sweat under my arms unless I am doing something that my whole body is sweating for such as running. Give it a try, if you are already sweaty it can't hurt.


Exactly. I have the air on ~70.

It am sure it has a lot to do with my metabolism. The higher it's revving the less it takes to sweat.

During my HOT-ROX cycles I sweat like a two-cent whore in church. But the cycle works so well that I just put up with it for the week.