Profiling Surge Flavor Preferences

For those of you that LOVE original (as I do), how many of you liked Rootbeer? What about Raspberry?

How would you rate the other flavors if you are one of the many that love Original?

About to place a nice sized order and try out two tubs of Surge (Rootbeer and Rasberry) but am a little worried about their taste.

I don’t really care for the original flavour, but I really enjoy Rootbeer. It is really sweet, almost like a Rootbeer float, it looks like urine when its mixed though, gets some strange looks at the gym.

Chocolate and vanilla are my favorites. Rootbeer and original are good, too. Raspberry is my least favorite b/c it’s so sweet. It’s kinda like liquid cotton candy.

I just started using Surge this week and the only flavor I have tried is “Vanilla.” To me it tastes exactly like a non-alcoholic Pina Colada. It’s almost too sweet for my taste, but I don’t have much tolerance for sweet anymore.

Wild Raspberry all the way :slight_smile:

Rootbeer is gross.

I really liked raspberry.

I’ve only tried the original and raspberry. I don’t think I’d ever go with the chocolate or vanilla. I drink too many shakes of those flavours already. After a work out I want my drink to be “refreshing” so I prefer raspberry. I will however try root beer next.

I love original and really liked root beer, they are the only two flavors I have tried.

[quote]TYR wrote:
I’ve only tried the original and raspberry. I don’t think I’d ever go with the chocolate or vanilla. I drink too many shakes of those flavours already.[/quote]

that is exactly why i drink original. I’m running low though… So i might think of trying raspberry to change things up.

Do you know whats really good?

Getting a half serving of ORIGINAL and a half serving of CHOCOLATE Surge (yes .5 + .5=1 full serving) and mixing them together to get an AWESOME FLAVOR.

I like original, root beer, and raspberry in that order. I think they’re all pretty good.

I just ordered 4 more tubs last night. I still think root beer is gross though, lol. It also doesn’t mix very well and I even use the blender bottle (with the whisk ball inside.)

What does root beer taste like? Exactly like root beer? Someone mentioned a ‘perfect’ amount of water to mix with it…any idea what that would be?

I’m going to get two tubs. Raspberry and Chocolate were it, but someone said Chocolate tastes like Metabolic Drive Chocolate which I"m not the biggest fan of. Someone else said it tastes like hot cocoa.

I like the sweetness of Original, so I think Raspberry I would like and perhaps Root beer.

raspberry is heaven for me. i was never a big fan of the original Surge flavor, i still drank it, and it eventually grew on me, but with raspberry it was instant love.

When I first got the Raspberry I thought it was really bad. Of course I’m not gonna throw 30 bucks away so I drank it, and by the end of the month I thought it was alright. I havent ordered it again though. It tastes like those crystal light drinks “Raspberry ice”

I think vanilla tastes horrible. Buttered popcorn gone wrong. I wont be ordering it again. I have to mix in some grape BCAA to drink it.

Root beer kinda tastes like they went with the original and added some root beer flavoring to it. Its pretty good actually. My 3rd Fav.

Original is ridiculously awesome. My favorite flavor.

Chocolate is a CLOSE second to original. This is BY FAR the best tasting chocolate flavor out of any protein/workout drink I’ve ever had. If they could mimic this flavor in the Metabolic Drive series I would be all over it. This is honestly better than most hot cocoas I’ve ever had… VERY good flavor.

Raspberry was terrible. Original and Vanilla are my favorites, while Root beer is middle of the pack.

geez, you guys are all over the place on this one

Despite flavors, I still can’t get over the fact that a raspberry serving contains 45g of sugar…lol

Even if all of it does get put to work… I feel so guilty drinking it.

I just realized that I only have one more serving of Surge before I’m completely out… OTL

[quote]gi2eg wrote:
geez, you guys are all over the place on this one[/quote]

ha yea you’re definitely right. Though I will say that people who are first time Surge buyers should get the chocolate flavor because that one seems to be on everyone’s list, and it seems the most “standard”. Some people say Raspberry is too sweet and the original flavor still has the hint of whey-hydro in it, which makes chocolate the happy medium.

i have to go with raspberry as my favorite. i have a sweet tooth so it does the trick. it tastes like liquified jolly rancher candy. original is pretty good too. tastes kinda like pina colada. and finally root beer is ok…it tastes best if it’s mixed with ice cold water.