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ProfessorX....I hand you my crown.

ProfessorX, read a couple of posts you made to the kid about becoming a pro bodybuilder. If my man Timbo praises you…*sniff, sniff, "why Timbo, why? I thought the sun rose and set on my wisdom?; Then you are my heir apparent. I love your sarcastic sense of humor for such a young man. You will do well. Looking forward to reading more of your wit.

Action threads huh - Bodz … I german suplex 5 you times for being the presumptuous ass that posted this. And whilst I remember when sarcasm was the lowest form of humour, seeing as though you like it so much hows this - GREAT THREAD :slight_smile:

Dre, as Moe from the three stooges would’ve said, "Why I oughta’…!

LOL Bodz

Dammit, Bodz! Don’t you remember me saying specifically that this is YOUR world, my man, and Timbo’s just a little, teenie, tiny squirrel tryin’ to get just a single nut:-) I’m just pullin’ your chain, you guru. I too have enjoyed the good Professor’s insight as of late, and would really like to see him respond to the nutrition question I posted in another thread.

Why gentlemen, this wonderful display of affection from you has caused me to do likewise… now, as neither of you have a crown to wear, I’d be willing to ‘lend’ you my sparkly tiara. You can do just like me and wear it for good luck during 1rep-max squats and deadlifts.

Mark, it goes on the ground under your ass right. Is it to keep you from bouncing out of the hole? :wink: