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Professor X's Workout


If he'd consider it, I'd like to see Professor X do an article describing his routine, diet advice and so forth. From what I've read, he's quite knowledgeable and we'd all benefit.

If you'd like to see Prof X do a T-Nation article, sign up. I hope he'd consider doing something like this.



I believe he expanded on the topic a while ago:



Sum up his methodology really quick for you:

  • He started off with the normal "weider" type base

  • Quickly discovered what worked for him

  • He adapted to what he felt worked

  • His goals were to move more weight and get bigger... not necessarily to be a 'better athlete' or 'Overhead squat bodyweight 15x', or any other fantastical notion. Just get big and strong.

  • He got stronger, and ate more... He grew.

  • When he began lifting heavy enough weights that he couldn't maintain the same volume when he was training multiple body parts a day...he split them up (makes sense).

  • He's not a powerlifter, so moving weight on certain machines is both safer for his soft tissue, and eliminates the need for a spotter.

  • A prof x progression would be something like... Total Body (1-2yr), Lower/Upper(3-6yr), Body part split (till whenever).

  • He never claims to know everything nor does he even claim that his method is right. Just says what worked for him.

Take away points:

  • Eat.

  • Train hard.

  • Listen to your body.

  • Be very honest about your goals.




Guess I'm wrong?? Just summing up that previous thread....


I don't really understand the recent fascination with prof X. He is just a man like everyone else on here, except he is a bit more outspoken and he posts a lot.

He is not a trainer, a coach or anything else. Just a man who found what worked for him and gives people advice whether they ask for it or not.

Can everyone please stop sucking his internet cock?


You aren't wrong. I just found it funny that you actually listened to what was written instead of assuming what I am "trying" to say without reading what was actually said. That seems to be the usual course of action here.


Yes, there should rather be a thread about that michael2507 guy. He's the shiznit.

Damn, wrong user name. Forget it...


Amen to that.


On a more serious note, why do precisely those people who feel the Prof is getting too much attention feel compelled to post and post again on the numerous threads on this topic to state what has been stated before on many occasions?


Because. We are jealous. Jealous that Professor X has more posts than us. That bastard has more than me. That's bullshit. I post way too much in the off-topic and sex forums to not be ahead of X.




I was actually wondering if he could do an article, summarizing his training philosophy and so forth. But the above is a good start...