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Professor X - Who Is He?


I have lurked for a while and have gathered a lot of great information about training, nutrition, supplementation, etc and it has given me new tools to not only make my training more effective, but more fun and interesting.
The articles and forum dialogues have been excellent. It is obvious all forum participants are on different levels, but the ones with more experience can often dispense some pretty good advice.

One participant I have noticed often in the forums is "Professor X". Often opinionated, he does ruffle some feathers. However, he must be pretty advanced to feel that he is an authority to give such opinions. Painful to hear sometimes, sure, but I'm sure his intentions are to be constructive. We never advance if we're told "good job" all the time if we're not doing a good job, right?

Anyway- the point of my post- does he compete? If not, why doesn't he? What are his other athletic endeavors. Prof, if you're reading, let me know!



You have to have an 'authority' to give an opinion?


I understand that he runs an academy for gifted children?


...with mohawks.


Too true. If you want Professor X's credentials, just PM him


Many people on this site give opinions, advanced or not. The importance attached to the opinions is what counts. I guess after reading a certain amount of posts, you should be able to judge for yourself what they are worth.


Oogie probably knows him best.


I heard that when Professor X claps, he doesn't use his hands. Rather, he finds the two closest people and slams them together repeatedly.

Or maybe that was Chuck Norris. They're both from Texas, so I tend to get them confused.


he's actually a 110 pound skinny white kid who threw up a couple pics of a jacked black guy. He is in a wheelchair or something so he sits at his computer all day and takes on this whole internet persona of the big angry black guy and tells skinny white kids to eat. He also pitys fools while not listening to thier jibba jabba.



You're right- anyone can give an opinions- but his are usually "extra critical" is all, so he must have experience that "distinguishes" him.


Yes. PM him. I sure he will tell you about all his degrees and experience. And, because it's on the internet, you know it's true!


I wonder if he wears baggy bodybuilding pants.



Do you mean "Timhay?"


He is a shadow, a riddle, a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a lovely serape purchased in Tijuana.

Whereever there is a 150 lb guy trying to cut, he'll be there.

Whenever someone dares to eat less than four fried chickens and a Coke for his eighth meal of the day, you'll find him.

When someone claims bodybuilders are weak, or uses the word 'functional', he'll be there.


I knew it!!!


Wow. Sounds supernatural- omnipresent, really. I guess with all those powers there's no need for a fanny pack, eh?



I'm a member of the Professor-X Fan Club. Last week I sent a check for 29.95 and have already received my " I Love My Professor" t-shirt, a cool neon green hip pack, 1 year subscription to Flex, and a year supply of Animal Pack vitamins. But that's not all. Because I ordered within the first hour... I got a How To Use Hammer Strength Equipment Guide.
I'm going to look so cool to by a self-proclaimed Guru of the gym.. Yeah Buddy!!


Kudos.. that's damn funny


Who is he, you ask?

Well, like TC and Tim Patterson, he doesn't really exist.


That's Funny.. Cheers