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Professor X: A Request


What would it take to get a snapshot of a week-in-the-training-life of Professor X?
You mentioned in the Beginner's forum that your workouts are very brief which enables you to go daily. I'd be interested in reading what you do. Weekly split, exercise, set, reps, and % would be great!

Oh, and have you ever done anything like DJ's One-Lift-a-Day?

Thanks in advance, either way.



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I don't even know who DJ is, so no, I haven't tried his one-lift-a-day. Writing down a weekly split implies that I have my training planned out days or weeks in advance. I used to train like that. I don't anymore. I am thinking of training chest tonight...because my chest feels rested, I trained back yesterday so no muscles should overlap, and it just feels right.

I used to split my chest into two different days (upper and lower chest) but now that my chest is pretty filled in on top, I now just train it all in one day. I have walked into the gym before, sat on the shoulder press Cybex machine, started the exercise and just felt like the muscle wasn't rested enough...so I trained another body part that day. I have also driven to the gym before, got into a good parking space and then realized that I didn't have full energy to train well...so I drove back home.

I know what you're thinking, "Dear Lord, he doesn't have a brand name training plan using theories based on the concepts of Russian trainers and, GASP, no super-sets?"

If it sounds chaotic, it isn't. I know what I trained most recently. I know I trained legs about 3 days ago so I may train them again 2 days from now...or tomorrow if they feel rested and my biceps aren't tight from training back yesterday. Breaking the body parts into exercises is probably best;

HS incline (4 sets working from two plates a side to five plates, the last set ending in 10 reps lately)
HS flatbench (3 sets working from 3 plates a side to 5...I did that for 8 reps last week)
Pec deck machine (however many sets gets enough blood into the area)

Warm up either going really light on the HS curl machine or real light with dumbbells (like 25lbs)
HS curl machine (3-4 sets going up to 4 plates)
Preacher curls (starting with a 45lbs dumbbell and moving up to around 85lbs lately even though I have done more in the past...I am trying to concentrate more on form lately)
Cybex curl machine (last exercise, usually just to get more blood pumped and not for going extremely heavy)

Cybex plate loaded military press (warm up is real light, working sets go for about 4 sets)
Lateral raises (3-4 sets)
Shrugs (I may start cutting these out because my traps grow fast compared to the work I do for them)
One arm laterals (two exercises for the same muscle group because my focus is on really bringing them out because I don't believe I have ever seen someone with lateral delts that were too big)
Reverse pec deck flyes for rear delts.

T-Bar rows (3-4 sets)
Lat pulldowns (3-4 sets)
Upright HS row
Cybex plate loaded Lat machine (again, two exercises for the same muscle group because I am really trying to bring them out as well.
I may do a couple more sets on the lat pulldown last but not going heavy

Calf raises (seated and standing, 3sets of each...my calves still fall short but I?m trying)
I believe it is considered a hack press, but it allows you to get into squat position with no back support on a plate loaded machine with pads for my shoulders. I have been doing these lately instead of regular squats simply because I feel it more and can apparently go heavier on it.
Leg press (go up 22 plates over 4-5 sets)
Leg curls (3-4 sets)
Leg extensions (3-4 sets)

That is pretty much it. If you need me to go into further detail, just ask but that is how I train lately.


How do you do so much volume on a cutting diet(heheh)? But seriously, how many kcals are you putting away in a day? And working up to 22 plates? How long does it take to round up that many plates? A lot of gyms I've seen don't even have 22 plates!!!

Btw, DJ refers to Dan John (aka 'Iron John').



Dan John. It's on the first page of his articles in the Authors section if you care to take a look. Basically just like it sounds, pick a compound exercise and train that one exercise for 45 minutes. 7x5 was the example for week 1.

Nope, not thinking that at all. If I recall correctly, Brad Cordoza (THE machine!) mentioned that he isn't as structured as many on this site (I'm paraphrasing, of course) and if you take a look at his thread, you can tell that he's experienced enough that he knows what he's doing for his own progress. Obviously I realize that I won't be there for many years to come, but I can see how others are able to work that way.

Good info...thanks for the response!



I don't consider that to be that much volume. For body parts like chest and biceps, that is only 3 exercises. It generally takes under 40min to get finished. I plan to start dieting in October. I don't plan on changing anything around other than possibly adding more off days and still doing cardio on those days.

As for food, I would guess my intake is around 5,000cals a day. I don't count my calories like that unless I am dieting.

As far as the plates, that's why there was a debate before about leaving plates on the machine. I don't think people understand that simply grabbing the plates for the exercise is an exercise in itself. I am glad that at my gym, there are usually plates on the machine before I get to it. I usually leave the machine like I found it. I don't go to a "soccer-mom" friendly gym so I'm not really worried about it. There are way more free weights than treadmills and exercise bikes. It kind of reminds me of Ronnie Coleman's gym, only they actually sweep the floors here and you can't write on the walls.


Good Lord, he's like a swoll XCelticX with working methods.


Have you found from your experience that HS machines are better for hypertrophy than free exercises like Bench, deads and squats or is this something you?re just doing right now?

Thanks, Thad


I was making a feable joke about diet, knowing that you would prescribe massive eating, hence the "cutting diet" reference. But damn, 5,000 kcals is some serious getting down.



This has been an interesting read, but I think the more useful question would be:

How did you train while you were building yourself up the fastest?


Prof X why do you like to split the body up so much and use so many isolation exercises? I know you train for aesthetics not performance but I have read so much about the advantage of total body training and compound movements. Do you find you induce more hypertrophy this way? Just wondering.


Like he said before, certain things work for him that don't work for others. I guess he finds that these things produce better results. He has the results to show for, so I guess it's just personal preference.