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Professor X: A Request (Cont'd)


I had wanted to post this in the "Professor X: A Request" thread but apparently it's reached it's maximum number of replies so I'm adding this here.

Prof. X, you talk about how 6 day split with a narrow focus of muscles trained on each day has been what worked best for you. Would you suggest this for kind of routine for someone less experienced? What do you feel worked best for you as a 150lb newbie?

I've been 'training' for years, mainly doing full body or 2-way splits with barely any isolation exercises (mostly doing chin-up/pull-down, bench, hex dl and oh press) and unfortunately I've had very little progress. I usually don't eat enough, which I have corrected in the last few months. However it now seems that following these type of programs I'm not gaining a whole lot of muscle, just fat. I'm wondering if this style of training is holding me back. Of course, the rest of the internet just says to stick with the big compounds, eat even more and try to improve those lifts. What do you suggest I do?

Yes I realize you hate 150lb weaklings asking you what they should do, but I'm really finding myself at the end of my tether having spent 3+ years of regular training with little to show for it. I would really mean a lot to me if you could give me some advice.

For the record, I'm 154lb, 15% BF, 5'7" and 1 RMs are Bench 170lb, Pull-up BW+90lb, Hex DL 260lb, OH Press 132lb. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of me holding a shoe.

Thanks in advance.



Man that Prfoessor X, he's a big guy


Now please expand that into a thousand words or more, otherwise it can't possible be right.

You are huge by the way dude. How much do you hammer curl with dem armz dere?


obviously i got big arms by doing compound lifts


:open_mouth: I'll start deadlifting straight away. Here I come >20 inch guns.


Sorry, my sarcasm detector is overloaded. Are you guys suggesting I move to splits and isolation work or not?


you've been doing something for 3 years, with no results.

why would you continue to do the same thing

use brain, please

*edit - sry, i realize i'm not prof x and thats who you were asking for


Do a push/pull/legs split. Great way to get used to both heavy compounds and isolation lifts.

6x a week.

3 Days on 1 Day off.

This gives you 4 days of rest between each day/phase of training.
As a beginner, you don't use heavy enough weight to warrant longer than 4 days of rest.
As a beginner, you don't use heavy enough weight to warrant a body part split.

Choose 2 basic money/compound exercises per body part and 2 accessory exercises per body part.
E.g. Chest: Flat Bench, Incline Bench - DB Flyes, DB Decline Bench.

For a push day you need to hit your chest, deltoids and triceps. This totals 6 money exercises and 6 accessory exercises.

This is a lot of exercises. So you could split the day into two sessions.

Bench will probably utilize the triceps somewhat as well as the deltoids. So I recommend doing 1 money exercise and 1 accessory for each muscle other than the chest.


If you are bringing up deltoids give them the most exercise attention. Same for triceps.

Do 3-6 work sets for each money exercise.
Do 3 work sets for each accessory exercise.

Do 6-10 reps for each money exercise.
Do 8-12 reps for each accessory exercise.

Lift as above, Eat then repeat.


I heard HM does a few sets of tricep pushdowns every couple weeks and gets hyooooge.

OP, you likely aren't doing enough work (read: not enough weight/load/intensity) to justify your caloric intake, hence the fat gain. train harder.


So you have been lifting for a few months total when it comes to gaining mass?

Can't argue with heavy compounds and tracking food intake

You said above you have only been eating to gain for a few months.

That is unfortunate.

Do you get the point of my post? You spent the first 3 years not eating enough to gain so what do you want Prof-X to tell you? Honestly, if X recommends not using compound movements and eating less in lieu of some secret arm work I will be surprised to say the least.


are you suggesting that big arms are built with compound movements?


JLone is right by the way. I was in the same situation as you a while ago, similar lifts at the same weight and height.

I followed the program I outlined above while making sure to eat 3 big meals a day and I mean big. Doing GOMAD (gallon of milk a day) plus two shakes thrown in for good measure. I'm now 185lbs.

It's all about consistency both in the kitchen and the gym. Once you are consistently consistent... Which is a whole other animal! You can start seeing where your training is suffering and adjust, but that comes way after (it should do).


Since when do I hate 150lbs people asking what to do?

I hate 150lbs people asking what to do and then acting like the guy with arms twice as big as their legs doesn't know how.

Bodybuilding is about FOOD and VOLUME. No one gets huge training 2 times a week. No one gets huge avoiding meals. No one gets huge without getting a hell of a lot stronger.

Most of the really big guys you see are in the gym upwards of 4 times a week or at least they were when they built most of that. Even injured I still made it to the gym as often as I could.

Yes, do "compound lifts" AND "isolation lifts". Do the big lifts first, eat and grow.

This shit was never rocket science and I have never hated giving advice to 150lbs people. I used to be one.


It's like you post now just to see that name dangle on screen.


My I suggest "Fill your sleeves" by Josh Bryant article. 2 day arms split, preform in addition to your current or make room on a separate day. Does this for 4 weeks and repeat=BigAZzArms


Good advice but still the stress on this lifter should be learning to be consistent. Not doing specialization programs.


Touche, agreed


Agreed. Your arms should be growing from what you are already doing for them, not just during some routine where they get the most attention for a while.

You won't be seeing much growth in only 4 weeks unless you just started or are on cycle. Building a lot of size takes time. You won't be going from wearing mediums to XXL's in MONTHS unless its because of your waist.


In my opinion arms can only be as big as the surrounding muscle groups. I don't no anyone who has tiny shoulders and forearms but 18-20 inch arms. I have always operated under this theory by hitting the complexes first and with the greatest intensity. If I have some time left at the end I will throw in some arm work. I have never dedicated a day to arms but I know people who do so, each to their own. (this is a body building forum after all)

In the context of this thread I think the OP weighs a buck-50 and his lifts are novice so lets call him a beginner. Would you recommend the OP spend one day a weak destroying his arms with the 20lb dumbbells or would his time be better spent hitting heavy complexes and eating like an adult male until he has a base of strength?

The answer to this question should vary based on the experience of the lifter. So to answer your questions directly, yeah the OP can bring up his arms at this point by just doing complexes.