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Professor_Hulk's TRT log

Hi everyone. I’ve been lurking on the forums and learning from your stories and thought that I’d share my TRT journey in hopes that maybe it helps someone the way you all have helped me.

Before TRT…
I’m a 40 y/o male that suffered from fatigue, depression, anxiety, achy joints, and low libido for 10 years. These things crept up very, very slowly, over those years. So slowly, I just attributed them to getting older. I now know that this was caused by a pituitary tumor. I was always tired and angry and complained constantly. One night in bed with my angel of a wife, I had ED. It CRUSHED her feelings. That was it!

(Weeks 1-4) The first date and the honeymoon…
Nov 2019, I walked in TRT clinic. I was 170 lbs at about 12% bodyfat. They asked me some questions, ran a rapid Total T test, and sent LH, FSH, PSA, and E2 off to LabCorp. Those all came back abysmally low three days later and PSA was unremarkable. The rapid Total T result, that day, was 144 ng/dL. They had me sign some papers and give them a credit card. Then, they gave me a shot of 400mg Test Cyp in my right butt cheek and put me on 160mg Test Cyp IM 1xweek, 1mg anastrozole the day after Test 1xweek, and 500IU HCG 2 days later 1xweek. Within hours, yes hours, I felt like Superman! I was hooked! The next month was incredible. Strength, energy, confidence, libido, skyrocketed. I felt the best I had ever felt in my life. Joint pain I had, for years, was gone. I remember waking up Thanksgiving morning and sneaking out of the house at dawn to go on a run through the woods. I came across a huge tree that had fallen in the path and been chopped up by someone and I decided to move all the huge pieces off the trail by tossing them around like the Hulk in a rage. It…felt…incredible. I will never forget that day. Libido was through the roof, too. This honeymoon was about a month long and then…

(Weeks 5-9) Hello side effects…
The first to show up was joint pain. My hips just started hurting all the time, then my back, then my shoulders, then my wrists.
Next was insomnia. I was waking after only about 5 hrs sleep each night and laying there tired, but wired, for 3 more hrs, every night. Sometimes I would use this time to go work out, sometimes I just laid there angry.
Then came the night sweats. I woke up with my side of the bed completely soaked every single night. And the sweat stank!.
Then came the headaches and the runny eyes. I woke up every morning with a headache and eye boogers.
Libido started to wane quite a bit, but was still decent.
I soldiered on and stuck to my protocol until my first follow up, at 9 weeks.

(Week 9) I think we should see other people…
My first, and last follow up with TRT clinic #1. I walked in at 187 pounds and around 12% bodyfat. They only ran another rapid Total T lab on me and it came back 716 ng/dL. This was at trough, right before my weekly shot. I told the doctor all the sides above and he said, “Hmm. Those aren’t something we normally see in TRT. Are you still taking our Anastrozole?” I answered yes, hung my head in disappointment, and asked if I should change anything. The doctor said that I could try stopping HCG and see if that helps. I agreed and politely asked for my meds for the remainder of our contract and left, resolved to take matters into my own hands. I started researching like a mad man. I’m talking 2am, wife asking, “Who’s that?” me saying, “Jake from TNation”, and her grabbing the keyboard typing, “What are you wearing Jake from TNation?”

The experiments begin…
Thanos: “You consider failure experience?”
Loki: “I consider experience, experience.”

(Week 10-13) Experiment #1. Up the dose. I wanted the honeymoon again. The only thing I changed was I increased the Test Cyp to 200mg 1xweek IM, kept the Anastrozle and HCG the same.
Every single time I took this 200mg dose, I got a huge high of energy, followed my red face and swelling all over, and a flabby chest, followed by a huge crash in energy, all on the day of the shot. And still experienced all the same sides as above and my appetite became almost insatiable. I started eating everything in sight. I endured this weekly roller coaster for a month and stopped. I could not take it any more.

(Week 14-17) Experiment #2. Split the dose. I decided I was an overresponder to everything and decided to continue all the meds, just spilt in two. E3.5D, I took 100mg Test IM, 250IU HCG, and .5 Anastrozole, all at once. This greatly reduced the severity of all the above side effects. They were all still there, but were at least reduced. Finally, I was on to something! At least I got a small high twice a week, joints felt a little better, and I wasn’t completely soaking my sheets at night and waking up with a pounding headache every day. Appetite was still through the roof and, by now, bodyfat started climbing. Two new side effects showed up during this time. I frequently got blurred vision and my mood got worse. I became tired and irritable again. I pressed on for a month, tried to wait it out, but my mood got worse and worse and was effecting my work and personal relationships. I caved and decided to make another change.

(Week 18-present) Experiment #3. Cut the crap. I decided to cut out the Anastrozole and HCG and go with only 100mg Test subQ E3.5D. I have read over and over that Anastrozole and HCG are no good and decided to try dropping them. I’ve also read a couple studies that subQ injections are equally effective and often preferred over IM. Honestly, I was getting real tired of poking my muscles every 3.5D. The first change I noticed is that joint paint slowly went away. Then, the night sweats, runny eyes, and headaches all went away. Insomnia is still there, so I am still very tired all the time now. More tired than before TRT. Not kidding. Libido comes and goes now. Also, the day after each injection, I my skin puffs up, I get man boobs and my muscles deflate (I lose 1/4 inch off my contracted upper arm measurement overnight). Strength gains in major compound lifts have stalled. I’ve been on this protocol for 5 weeks now and relapsed and took .5 Anastrozole on two separate occasions. Both times, my skin thinned out within hours, A-cup man boobs disappeared, and muscles became fuller, BUT, joint pain came back, and I became EXTREMELY irritable. I know I’m supposed to wait 6-8 weeks, but I can’t endure the sides on this protocol any more. I crave junk food 24/7, am getting fatter, am tired all the time, and I’ve stopped getting stronger.

(Present-moving forward)
I’m switching to a new clinic and just had labs drawn for them yesterday at LabCorp. Will post them, and my new protocol, right after I get them, in the next day or two.

I have learned a lot about how my body responds to TRT in these first 22 weeks, but nothing has felt good enough that I was willing to stick with it for more than a month or so. I’m going to keep experimenting until I find what makes me look and feel good. Thank you all for sharing your stories and ideas and I hope mine helps you in some way.

Stay tuned for labs, feedback from the doc, and the next steps…

I am in the exact same position and have had very similar experiences. I am in for the updates to this post and maybe we can help each other.

Dropping HCG and anastrozole about 10 weeks ago helped me so far. I am going to be upping my dose from 160mg/week to 180mg/week starting Friday. This post grabbed my attention because I remember walking through home depot the day after my first TRT injection and I felt like hulk walking up and down the isles. It was such a great feeling to have confidence back. Everything has been great since dropping HCG/Anastrozle except for my confidence.

Good luck

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Thanks for sharing wizkid. Confidence has waned for me too. If we could only feel the honeymoon phase forever. I find that I feel psychologically best right before my next shot. Can’t explain it. It’s almost like my dose is too high and I’m coming down into high-normal range just before my next huge shot, which leads to super high T, E2, etc. That’s why I’m really looking forward to seeing my labs in the next couple days. They were taken at trough on this protocol, which are the two days I feel best each week.

Will post soon…

My current injections are 80mg on Tuesday mornings and 80mg on Friday morning. I have noticed that I feel my best on Mondays consistently for the last 6-8 weeks. Its the day furthest from my injection.

What a mess. You’ve been making way too many changes at once, and too often. You’ve been reading the wrong posts. HCG is not horrible, you just gotta microdose it EOD. As for Test C, EOD or ED works best, and guess how… IM. Get some 27g or 29g needles and learn to enjoy the privilege of having TRT access. Some countries don’t have it so easy.
If you inject smaller doses throughout the week, you wont need an AI, and as for HCG it has to be in smaller doses too in order to keep E from spiking. I switched protocols at week 12 and havent messed around ever since. Consistency is what your body wants, not experiments. Sure we are all an experiment, but not really. Also, what you injected weeks ago is what you’re experiencing. This stuff is not instantaneous. Tell you what… stick toTest only and get that dialed in. Then add HCG is you wish to do so. But get on a protocol and stick with it. You feel and look shitty because you are in a constant state of fluctuation. Minimize that shit, and you wont feel like a mess.

I started TRT 4 years ago and have learned my body doesn’t like the extra red blood cells and hematocrit (49%) in the high normal ranges, my blood turns into mud (erythrocytosis) on frequent injections.

The problem is I only respond to TRT injecting daily or EOD, currently on E3D to lessen the sides and already am losing benefits and am going to start the T-cream from Empower in a 1-2 weeks. It has a shorter half-life and is expected to produce less thick blood.

The injections it just keeps my hormones too steady and this is a perfect storm for excess red blood cells and thicker blood. It escaped the docs attention because hematocrit and red blood cells are in range but at the top.

The ER doc thought I had a partial blockage, gave my an aspirin which helped a ton, but wears off after a couple of hours and it’s right back to the symptoms. The double red cell donation had me feeling like a teenager.

The T-cream is the last ditch effort to make TRT work for me rather than against me. I’m trying hard to reverse my diabetes and this is just another bump in the road that I need to steer around.

I’ve heard some men mention the T-cream didn’t increase their estrogen much from baseline pre-TRT levels or affect SHBG levels barely at all. I over-respond to anastrozole as well, all medicines and TRT, can’t even take 1/8th of a 0.050 dose without sore hips and knees.

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Thanks systemlord. I’ve read that TRT increases hematocrit for some. I’ve been on a baby aspirin daily from the start or TRT. I haven’t gotten hema checked since I started. My new clinic had me order it from LabCorp just the other day, so I’ll post all labs when they come in, along with what the new doc says.

Jay Campbell seems to have done A LOT of research on TRT and wrote a book that the late Dr. John Crisler said was very well done. Jay swears by daily cream, so I hope that brings positive changes for you. But then he also swears by aliens, so there’s that.

I don’t mean to patronize you in regard to your diabetes, but I’ve read some of your posts saying you are over fat. Can I assume type II then? I’m sure you’re well aware that reducing fat is the miracle cure for type II. Have you tried intermittent fasting? I have found it very effective in melting off fat in a hurry and it has been proven to improve insulin sensitivity over time. I was once 225lbs at 20+ percent body fat, and was told by a doc I was “pre-diabetic” and used IF (with strength training) to get down to 175 at 12%. May be worth a shot if you’ve never tried it.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

Thanks middle ages. I agree it’s been a mess. I attributed the mess to the fact that I was put on a crap protocol right out of the gate. And my being neurotic about it and switching things all the time surely hasn’t helped. I’ve been on Test Cyp alone for a few weeks now and am slowly starting to feel better, with less sides, but not feeling all the positives as before (confidence, energy, strength, etc.). Really curious to see these labs I just got done the other day, with a few weeks on 100mg Test 2 E3.5 subQ. Those, along with the new doc’s opinion, and the experiences shared on this forum, will help me determine the next steps.

Thanks again.

In my opinion. The issue wasn’t IM or your dose, it was the Adex and HCG. Stay as you are on subq for another 4-6 weeks. Then, if you’re still not feeling great move to IM at same dose for another 6-8 weeks, then if not feeling better, change your dose to 150-180mg/week and try that IM for 6-8 weeks.Keep adjusting in increments, frequency and delivery method to find the sweet spot. Only once you’re dialed in consider adding HCG back. I wouldn’t touch Adex at those dosages. This is a marathon, slow and steady does it. Good luck.

Thanks mfezdro. Dropping the Adex and HCG did bring the biggest improvement so far. I’m enjoying less negative sides since dropping them. But I’m not enjoying the fatigue, junk food cravings, fat gain, and stagnating strength in the gym. I have wondered if the next step should be to switch to IM, switch to more frequent dosing, or decrease the dose. So, thanks for your input. Hoping the new doc can give me some insight into this, once I go over past experience and these new labs with him. Will post soon.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

I take full ownership in where my health was and where it is now. Yes I have type 2 and was able to double my SHBG and decrease my A1C from 8.3->6.5 in a short amount of time restarting the TRT after an 8 month break. When I’m on TRT it’s as if the diabetes disappears quickly as long as I inject at least every 2 days.

I’m 5 11.5 and am 216 pounds, at my heaviest I was 235 and am rather skinny build. I’ve lost this weight without being able to go to the gym, just at home excersise and walking. I am doing intermittent fasting now and it’s going great.

Congratulations on those fat loss results! Having traveled that road, I know how hard it is. My loss was 50 lbs. It was very difficult at first, then somewhat easy once I settled into a routine, then got hard toward the end. Those last 10-15 pounds, man! Hill sprints helped me when IF and lifting couldn’t get those last 10 off. Twice a week, I found a hill, ran up it a fast as I could, and walked back down, 10 times. The fat melted away like I was a cheap candle. So glad to hear IF is working for you!

I hear ya man. I felt the same way in the beginning. I wanted quick results too, but stuck it out. If you read my first post here. You will see just how unsure I was about the whole thing. I had to then simplify. I do remember the first protocol, it was garbage.

Labs just came back. This is me, at trough, on current protocol (100mg Test E3.5D, no AI OR HCG) for 5 weeks and feeling like complete crap every day.

No Free T? And this is on 200mg a week?

Where’s the Free Testosterone?

I normally feel that way for about 8+ weeks when making changes. Don’t make any further changes and push through. You should feel better in time. I’m surprised your estrogen isn’t higher than it is. Maybe your free T is lower than you’d expect compared to your total T. Regardless, give yourself time to adjust and start feeling better.

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My doc didn’t order Free T and some of the other stuff that I’ve read is so important. :disappointed:

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Well. Consider this log terminated. Just got off the phone with the doc and he’s basically gonna have me blasting and cruising. I’m excited about this, but it makes this log no longer relevant to guys on TRT doses.

Edited 5/9/20: what a flake! Can’t believe I wrote the above. Sorry guys. See below.

Definitely interested in following along either way!