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Professor Hulk Cycle Log

The minutes she affects the shaft shes gone haha. I don’t have the mood issues at this dose, which is lower than last time. Not sure it’s enough to really add to blast but you hit the nail on the head; I wanted to try this again before the next blast with Tren hahaha. What I really liked was the Primo but hair loss was fast and furious. Sorry to hear you didn’t have a good experience with whatever it was you had.

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8/28/21: What’s up forum! It’s time to run another cycle. Been cruising on 150 Test for a couple months and labs just came back good. Summer is over, and it’s time to train hard and eat big! Current stats, pic, the plan, and thoughts below. As always, I welcome questions comments. Hope you all enjoy.

Physique analysis:
205.4 lbs
~17% estimated BF, take it or leave it
16.5” neck
15.5” arms
47” chest
34.75” waist above navel
36” waist at love handles
25.25” thighs
15.75” calves

Incline Bench 285x1
Flat Bench 317x1
Farmer Carry: 285 x 100yds and back
Seated Press: 205x3
Silver Dollar 18” deadlift: 585x4

Bio Markers:
Total T: 929
Free T: 21.3
All other labs “in range”
Resting HR: 53
BP: 127/75


350 Test/350 NPP per week, (100ea EOD) Ancillaries on hand, if needed.

Jim Wendler’s BBB three-month challenge

I’ll keep you posted, fellas.


How long will you go? What’s the goal for this cycle?

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12 weeks, and goal is upper body hypertrophy.

Upper body hypertrophy, because my upper body has always lagged behind my lower. Hoping to correct that somewhat this cycle.

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I can’t remember, how did you handle the NPP previously? For some reason I remember you having mood issues, but I could be thinking of someone else.

It has caused me mood issues every time I’ve used it. But a guy on here recommended P5P for that, I tried it, and it helped a ton. I just take 200mg P5P ED and rarely notice mood issues.

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If your mood issues are under control then that is great, if you feel like it could still use improvement, MENT, even at 5 mg/day has been working wonders for me.

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P5P is for prolactin control, 5HTP will be better for mood, serotonin production


Both are necessary for serotonin production. 5-HTP is 5-Hydroxytrypophan. For the decarboxylation reaction to serotonin (5-Hydroxytryptamin) P5P (Pyridoxalphosphate, active form of vitamin B6) is necessary.

There’s been studies in monkeys showing that P5P increases serotonin.

By the analogous mechanism with dopamine P5P increases dopamine. By that it decreases prolactin.

5-HTP seems to pose problems with competition for the enzyme (dopamine is lowered). P5P actually is unbiased in its highetening of these neurotransmitters.

If we are already on the topic. I think it’s highly interesting that P5P decreases prolactin production induced by nandrolone. This shows that nandrolone effect on dopamine/dopamine receptors is to blame for the prolactin effect.


Progestogens interfere with dopaminergic transmission in vitro/within rodent models, there is validity to your hypothesis. Particularly given dopamine agonists are used to treat prolactinoma. If 19-nors mediate a particularly strong effect re dopaminergic dysregulation (which they do… Receptor de sensitisation) your hypothesis may indeed be correct.






9/3/21 Update:

I’m glad to hear that. I saw that in your current cycle log. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the tip! P5P is working for now and I have it on hand already. But I’ll keep 5HTP in mind. I just watched a vid on it the other day.

So, 1 week in, zero visible to physique thus far. so, no need for pics. Changes have all been mental.

Anxiety has increased, as it always does when I’m on NPP, but P5P has helped me not take it out on another people.

Confidence is also way up, but this is no surprise as I always experience this when I bump Test higher.

Insomnia is a bit worse than usual but, again, no surprise there, as NPP always causes me insomnia.

Appetite is insane and hard to control. I can definitely eat A LOT more on NPP without gaining fat, than on Test alone. and I really enjoy that, but I have to be careful not do overdo it.

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9/11/21: two weeks in……the good, the bad, thoughts, and pic.

Good: traps have popped, body weight has gone up a smidge, all muscles look a little fuller, confidence is up, libido is up.

Bad: appetite is very hard to control, bad fatigue throughout the day, strength has dropped in all compound movements.

Thoughts: I’m noticeably fuller, especially in traps. Family and friends have commented. Weight has gone up 2 pounds and waist has stayed same. No other upper-body hypertrophy so far, which is really disappointing, because that is the goal of this cycle. My performance in lifts that require fortitude is up. Making great progress in loaded carries and high-rep death sets. Performance in lifts that require maximum momentary power have suffered by about 10%, though. This change is no surprise, as NPP always kills my low-rep strength.


Luv the progress report @Professor_Hulk but have to ask why add the AAS’s if they bring you anxiety and insomnia? Not to mention how they trash your lipids. Have you ever considered a gram of T and nothing else? All that said your latest pic is awesome. Your traps really pop along with your delts pecs bi’s and tri’s.
I suffer from anxiety and insomnia and sometimes they overwhelm me. So that can be a focus I see more than others.
I am enjoying reading your thread. Wishing you all the best.

There goes my interest in NPP :frowning:

Thanks for the encouragement! Saw the pics you posted the other day of your transformation from 50ish to now. Wow man! Legend!

Good question. I have always really enjoyed physical exertion in one form or another. It started out as a coping strategy as a child. I was beaten, drugged, and raped by three different stepfathers during my childhoood. My mom sure knew how to pick ‘em. I was a troubled kid and needed an outlet. I started out in martial arts. Then added in strength training, then football, then extreme sports, always more, more, more. I was a very angry young man and pushing myself always made me feel better. So from very early on, my brain was just wired that way. Mad at the world? Just go do some high-rep squats or ride an ATV 75mph through the woods. Problem solved. Around age 35 ish, something happened. I couldn’t recover from all this anymore, and even wanted nothing to do with most of it. The only thing I never stopped doing was lifting heavy weights. I no longer enjoyed it, but I still just did it. Anyway, I was dog tired all the time, got injured often, always depressed, had no interest in life, hobbies, or even sex. Fed up one day, I went to a T clinic and my T levels were 144 ng/dL. I hopped on TRT and felt like my old self again, and enjoyed lifting weights again. for a while. Then, I didn’t, and started to slowly feel like crap again. I called another clinic and told them this. They put me on 350mgs Test a week. I felt better again, a lot better! For the first time in my life, training worked like it’s supposed to: lift heavy, eat a lot, sleep a lot, and actually be able to lift a little more each week. I also regained interest in old hobbies, enjoyed life more. As all of us on here know, this is a very, very addictive feedback loop. Leaves you always wanting more and more. More muscle, more confidence, more strength, more libido. You get more, than you want more still. That’s where I’m at now. I am the biggest and strongest I’ve ever been in my life and don’t ever want to go back. In fact, I’m not even willing to just maintain. I’m always seeking more. So, that’s why the AAS. I train really, really hard, as an outlet. So hard that if I were a mere mortal, it would kill me. On AAS, I can actually recover from it, progress, enjoy life.

Many, many times my friend. I’ve experimented up to 500mgs of Test a week. I don’t feel good that high. The reckless side of me, the devil sitting on one shoulder, has always told me “Just stop playing around with baby doses, man up, and do a gram a week. Then you’ll see some REAL results.” The much smaller, quieter, angel sitting on my other shoulder always says “just be content with where you’re at. Keep the doses low, stay safe, take care of your health.” I fear the angel is losing. I’m hoping to see some good numbers from this cycle. If I don’t, a run of 1g per week may be in my future.


As you know very well, you gotta run it and see how it treats you. Some dudes DO get low end strength from it. I just don’t. It gives me high-end strength like a mofo, though. Week 1 of Jim Wendler’s BBB, i went with 5x10 at 70% TM, because I knew the prescribed 50% would have been way too light. I absolutely crushed all 50 reps. Week 3 it came time to hit the 1+ PR set and I missed a weight I’ve easily hit a million times.

This was not just a one-off bad day either. This happens to me anytime I have ever run NPP.

So why am I running it, you might wonder?

What it consistently DOES do for me is add upper body size, which I’m trying to do right now. My upper body lifts have stagnated forever now. I think I am at the strongest I can get at current upper body size and the only way I will get stronger is to add a few pounds of beef up there. Mark Bell talked about this in a video I watched one day. He said your bench could be stuck for a lot of reasons. If you’ve tried technique, tried different programming, etc and nothing is working, You may just need to get bigger. You can’t expect to bench much more than 315 with sub-16inch arms. You just don’t have the beef to support that weight.


This is not my experience with NPP. It increases both my high and low rep (maximal) strength. I personally think NPP is a wonderful drug for strength and recovery.

I havent done anything deca-like since i was like 20… Maybe i will try it someday then…

9/18/21: 3 weeks complete

The good:

  • Weight is up 6 pounds, from 205 to 211.
  • Arm size is up .25” from 15.5 to 15.75
  • Traps have absolutely blown up
  • I’m able to tolerate a lot more volume per session. The BBB template is a piece of cake and I have to resist the urge to do more.
  • Libido is very strong. This is both good and bad. When the wife is game, I’m level 10. What’s not fun is wanting almost every single woman you see and not being able to do anything about it. Man, I wish I had done this stuff back in my single days.

The bad:

  • Anger/aggression are hard to control. I have to be ever vigilant and avoid stressful situations as much as possible.
    -joint and connective tissue pain. This one is really weird because it’s the exact opposite of what NPP is supposed to do.
    -acne. Not a big deal, but annoying nonetheless



Weird that nandrolone is causing connective tissue problems
Like you said, it’s supposed to do the opposite

Also surprised it causes aggression, I’ve heard deca causes depression in some, but never heard of 19-nor aggression except from tren