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Professor Hulk Cycle Log

No, I joking. His side effects sound more like tren than like primo.

The only time I’ve seen it mentioned is with guys who get the AI effect from it. Otherwise running primo is usually like running straight oil. You don’t even notice it’s there.

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On my bloods it was def noticable. Dropped HDL, no effect on LDL. dropped bf% without dieting, thus a cosmetic effect was noted.

Also made me stronger. I can deadlift around 210-215kg as a calculated 1RM and have THREE hernias to show for it… Fuck… Dammit… Shit… I’m around 160lbs for reference.

My powerlifting days are probably gone for good… Will have to switch to “normal” weights, swimming, boxing etc provided I manage to recover from this.

Each AAS really is different for everyone. I did a little primo, loved it. No libido issues but very quick hair shedding. @Professor_Hulk , I decided to run some boldenone alongside TRT. I know you can’t get it in a clinic (although yours might!), but it’s been fairly side effect free for me. Been on about four weeks, just starting to notice some changes compared to just test now.

You’re absolutely right. I can’t definitively say that it’s not primo unless I ship it off somewhere for testing. I’m basing my assertion on:

  1. The fact that it came from a lab, not a pharmacy
  2. The fact that there was a knock-off name on the label, not Primobolan.
  3. The fact that I immediately got unexpected sides from a drug reputed as being side-free. I can’t recall ever reading a single instance of Erectile dysfunction from Primo. If it’s commonplace, please catch me up to speed.

:rofl: I think he meant all my sides are Tren sides.

I am sorry you had to experience that. Are you in the US or is this Costa Rica? This is a “TRT clinic” with a physical address or a table set up with a tablecloth at a local weight training facility?

Genuinely interested.

@unreal24278 FYI, “primobolan aka Metenolone” and “trenbolone aka Trienolone” can’t be legally manufactured for human use by a compounding pharmacy in the US because they don’t have either active or discontinued status in the FDA “orange book”:



You can play “search for my favorite AAS” by searching in the large document above.

Hence, oxymetholone, stanozolol, NPP, ND, oxandrolone, TC, etc can all be legally compounded at a registered pharmacy in the US.

This clinic is complicit in multiple felonies and completely exposing you to risk that you should and would avoid by working with an ethical TRT clinic + compounding pharmacy. You should post the pics over at Meso. Complete breach of trust with the patient.

It wasn’t a drop in libido that I experienced. Libido stayed high throughout entire trial. It was a sudden, complete malfunction of equipment

TMI alert: The first night the ED happened, sex was my idea, not hers. Libido was off the charts. I told her I was crazy horny and wanted her. She began doing what a good woman does and…nothing. I never even experienced that back before TRT, when I had hypogonad Test levels of 144 ngdl and an E2 of 6!!!

And…I had just gotten labs two days before this incident, and my test was at 950 and my E2 was at 40. So, plenty of both. Ive spent time at those levels before with zero sexual issues.

The addition of whatever’s in that bottle killed my wood…FOR DAYS. Good news is, unlike Deca Dick horror stories, erections came back almost immediately after stopping the fake Primo.

Anybody know where I can send this stuff to get tested and what it costs?

If it’s any consolation, my erections came back almost immediately after stopping it and haven’t had an issue since. All sides, including ED, immediately went away upon stopping it.

US, clinic with an address, no table cloth🤣

As am I. I stand to loose just as much as them if I call them out. Everyone would loose.

Is the lab in the US? A US Dr. can prescribe Metenolone and have it imported legally. It is kinda a gray area. The Dr. supposedly needs to think there is a good use for it with the patient (but it doesn’t seem to require extra documentation).

Now I need to know what this label looked like.

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Guess I missed your point. Not saying to call them out but Meso would be the place to post an anonymous pic (and plenty of options for testing over there). What’s the point of getting UGL stuff through a “TRT clinic”? I thought that you thought you were getting legitimate Pharma-grade Primo based on your posts. I must have misunderstood. Hence the info on what Pharma grade AAS/compounded products are available in the US.

Source? Very dangerous. I guess they could, but this would easily be deemed malpractice with State Medical Boards (especially with something with the stigma of AAS). How’s the doctor going to justify writing a Rx for Primo (with all the other approved AAS on the market)? Would they tell the Medical Board, sorry my patient really needed some extra clean GAINZ and less Hct elevation!

Good summary here:
Should a Doctor Prescribe Drugs that are Unapproved by the FDA? – The Health Care Blog

Huge difference between writing off-label Rx for an approved drug vs writing Rx for unapproved drug in US.

Ok, I’ve used up my alloted 3 month quota on here, darn it. You guys take care. Helluva entertaining thread @Professor_Hulk and take care of yourself. UGL products through a TRT clinic, what will they think of next?

Reinforces that this idea is even more critical for guys who may not understand what they are getting in to:

Sure, some guys may be fine with sourcing UGL stuff through their clinic, but I would imagine most wouldn’t want to take on that legal liability without their express consent and understanding. I wouldn’t want to rely on ignorance as a defense. Opens up a big can of worms!

So I had looked this up a while back for this thread when Hulk was getting Metenolone from a US clinic. What I had found (but can’t anymore) was IIRC, an FDA paper saying that it could be done under very rare circumstances (perhaps female patient who doesn’t do well with the other approved AAS)? This wouldn’t be a good example of that rare case in which it should be allowed. Now I can’t find this paper, so I can’t back up my claim. Searching seems to be 95% TRT clinic ads, so I gave up after 3 pages of google.

I will say that I am not completely convinced on this after not being able to find my source. If I am not right, Hulk’s TRT clinic may be short lived. Even if I am right, prescribing it to a lifter doesn’t fit the guideline.

Thanks for your response but I think these are two different issues. If my reading comprehension is any good, my takeaway from above is the “Primo” was UGL (I am assuming domestic “lab” with a knock off label). This is obviously different than a US medical provider importing say Turkish Primo from SP.

In the former, if the clinic is doing this and the patient doesn’t understand the implications, they are an unwilling party to something that could get very ugly real quick.

In the later I am 99.99% confident that the medical provider is risking his medical license and DEA number. Theoretical possible but practically impossible in the US. But hey, this whole concept is way out there and I’m not judging. If a clinic will prescribe 50 mg/d of stanozolol, why not prescribe 200 mg/week of Primo? Historical precedent is the only thing making the stanozolol option very doable and the Primo option very risky. I’m sure that the Primo option is much “safer” but then that assumes the patient is actually getting Primo, which in this thread looks doubtful. Cue the Benny Hill music.

I haven’t come to a conclusion on this based on what has been said (it has been vague due to forum rules).

Any way you slice it, this clinic is being risky.

I don’t know their intentions. I think some of the shadier TRT clinics would be okay with getting in some trouble as long as they get a few very lucrative years in business.

From above:

So in your first quote, Hulk says the label lists a laboratory and contact info. To me that doesn’t sound like they are labeling it with a fake pharma brand label or “knock off label”.

To me, this:

and this:

are in contradiction to each other. Unless it is a really really bad knock off that lists a UGL and a Pharma brand?

PRIMOBOLOGAINZ Depot by KoehlerStainlessLabs LLC. I’m sure the Hulk can shed some light without too much light. Anyways, downright un-American to get ripped off on your Anti-Aging (AA should actually stand for Accelerated Aging) Clinic-sourced AAS when the whole reason for going there to begin with is to legally procure and not have to third-party verify potency, API, and contamination. That’s just wrong.

Nice setup though:

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I am not saying you are or are not correct. I just couldn’t deduce exactly what he got. Maybe just a really shitty knock off that lists a pharma brand and a UGL (I think this would be the conclusion one would logically come to based on what was written, but I also find that unlikely as really good fakes are a lot more common than bad ones). I am sure there is stuff on par with that in the world of AAS (in regards to a shitty knock off).

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I don’t think we can discuss this here, but feel free to email me (it’s in my profile).