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Professor Hulk Cycle Log

Hey all. Decided to log my cycle here to share real world experiences with all. Just started a cycle of 300mg Test Cyp/300mg NPP, broken into EOD IM injections. Going to try to run it without AIs, caber, etc. - just the two oils. Beginning stats are 41 yrs old, 5’11” 205lbs @18% BF. 46” chest, 15.5” arms, 35” waist, 26” thighs. Pic below. Current best lifts: Squat 435x1, Incline Bench 250x5, RDL 500x10, Seated Press 195x5, Farmer Walk 300x50yds.
Will update regularly with thoughts/gainz/sides.


Hey fellas. Cycle update:

About two weeks in now (original post was a few days in).

The Good: The NPP water and strength have finally arrived. BodyWeight is up 6 lbs, arms are up 3/8” each. Strength is up about 6% in all lifts. I love the quick boost in strength NPP brings. Pumps are greatly improved. Libido is really strong. Aggression in the gym is up, but not insane. This last one, I cannot explain - acne is GREATLY improved, compared to running Test alone(at any dose).

The bad: NPP always gives me headaches and makes me really angry. This run is no exception. I’ve been able to manage the headaches thus far with a daily baby aspirin. And I have to be ever-vigilant about controlling the anger(breathe, count to 5, etc.).

Overall, so far, so good.

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Stupid question, could the headaches be related to high BP? Are you checking it regularly?

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46and2 not a stupid question! I do check my BP every few days or so. It elevated slightly when I run NPP, but not much. I usually stay around 120/75, but on NPP it always goes up to around 125-130/75-80. I wouldn’t think that would be enough to cause headaches but what do I know? I know the aspirin helps. So I just do that for now.

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Very good content here. I’ll follow your updates and will bless you with some Gainz haha
A good thing is you’re relatively strong, so Im interested what the cycle gives you in that departement.

Roid rage is real

Glad I read this post. I just started NPP (200mg) as well, pairing with 420 mg TC and 120mg Primo. No sexual issues, but yes, aggression. I didn’t see much on it before but it’s a thing. No issues on previous blast with Test C and Oxandrolone

Dptfit, thanks for sharin’. Is this your first time running NPP? I’ve ran it a couple times in the past - once at a 2:1 ratio Test:NPP, once at 1:2 ratio Test:NPP. Both were bad experiences for me. On 2:1, I swelled up like a dead body in a lake and got crushing headaches and blurred vision. On 1:2, I got a lot of muscle and joint pain (particularly in lower back) and was very, very aggressive and angry. So far 1:1 ratio is working out nicely. Reaping all the benefits with minimal sides so far. As mentioned, only very minor headaches and some manageable aggression. Never had any sexual sides at any dose.

Can be a cumbersome process learning how your body responds to 19-NORs.

Best of luck with your cycle. Happy Holiday Gains!

It is my first time. I was always hesitant with Nandrolone, but so far, so good-ish. Haven’t taken it long enough to pass judgement. I did have some headaches the first week. Aggression, yes. I hadn’t really heard anyone else talk about so I was relieved to read your post. Also a reason I’d be hesitant to increase the dose to one to one right now. But, if I lowered my test dose to match like you are maybe it would be different? Going to keep as is for now. Best of luck to you as well!

What’s up guys? Week 3 update:

The Good: Weight and strength are still climbing. I’m up to 213 and all lifts have gone up 10% now, except the squat. I CANNOT get my squat to budge. I think it’s a technique problem. I’m working on it. Some of the less-talked-about benefits of a cycle have shown up, too (confidence, assertiveness, feeling like I could take over the world if I wanted to). Libido is also getting harder to manage. I want every woman in sight and the wife has even caught me looking a couple times. Gonna have to keep that in check!

The bad: Like clockwork, I’ve reached about peak steady state with the NPP now (5 half-lives) and the water under the skin has shown up. NPP always does this to me. Muscles fill up in the first three weeks and then edema sets in as NPP nears peak levels. Waist measurement shot up 1 inch almost overnight. I look like melted ice cream and my ankles have swollen up. See pics below. I Was trying not to use an AI this cycle but my puffy face was drawing unwanted attention from family and friends. So, I took .5mg Adex to get the water down a bit. I don’t plan to take an AI on regular basis during the cycle, only as needed.

Going forward: Overall, I like this cycle so far. I’m gonna manage the water with an AI only as needed. Test and NPP should be at peak, steady state levels (I front loaded Test so it would reach peak about same time as NPP). So, I’ve gained all the water and glycogen that I’m going to. I’ve kept calories low (for me) while these fake gainz came in and those are done now. So, now I’m bumping calories from 3,500/day to 4,000/day and increasing intensity of workouts, meaning going beyond failure on final work set.

Take care guys.

1 month in…

The good: weight is still climbing nicely, was 218.2 this morning. Arms are over 16” now. Was able to get rid of the unsightly water bloat pictured in my last post with a single dose of 1mg Anastrozole and haven’t had to touch it since. Libido, confidence, well-being are all still up. Lovin’ that. Aggression has somehow abated a little, a very welcome change.

The bad: Struggling with insomnia and fatigue a bit. I cannot be sure that it’s the androgen load causing this, though. It may very well be the intensity of my workouts. I’ve been pushing extremely hard and I might have some adrenal and/or CNS fatigue going on. I am leaning in this direction because size gainz are still coming, but strength gainz have stalled.

Thoughts: Overall, still lovin’ this cycle. I am going to split my training up more, to spread the volume and intensity more evenly across the week, to see if it helps manage the fatigue.

Take care all. Happy holidays!

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Thanks for the log. For about 2 months before I tried NPP for the first time I searched and searched this site to no avail, looking for something like this. I ran 525 test C and 350 NPP for 14 weeks.

I will make a couple of comments regarding your cycle that may or may not help:

IDK what your prolactin looks like and I never had mine checked, but as far as aggression/mood goes, I think running P5P helped my mood a lot. I could tell I was more of an asshole when I didn’t take it. The reason I mention prolactin with this is because P5P is as good as, or better than (depending on the study), caber in reducing prolactin. So you kind of get a 2-for-1 out of that. and if you’re unaware of what P5P is, it is a B vitamin you can buy on amazon.

As far as headaches, I really only got them when my blood sugar dropped. Anecdotally, you can find lots of individuals talking about low blood sugar on nandrolone (maybe all 19-nor’s?) and I found myself having to eat a bit more sugary food than usual, which also helped my fatigue. For the record my BP was about the same as yours was.

My insomnia seemed to be the worst if I would eat sugary food within about 2 hours of going to bed. Once I stopped doing that I was able to sleep better through the night. It could also be overtraining (AKA your adrenal/CNS fatigue mentioned), which can decrease sleep quality as well. For this you could taper your workouts down for a week or two to help relieve some of the fatigue.

Finally, as far as water retention, take a look at your diet. Sure, it could be E2, but consider the amount of sodium you are eating, and ALSO the amount of potassium you are eating. Water retention can potentially be driven by eating too much sodium and not enough potassium. I make sure I eat enough potassium to keep my sodium:potassium ratio in check. fruits, red meat, and potatoes are some of the best sources of potassium.

Hopefully this helps

wsmwannabe thanks so much, man. You gave me possible methods for managing all three of my main sides - mood, headaches, and water retention. Priceless! I’m ALWAYS willing to experiment and share experience with others. So, I’m ordering some P5P right now, will up my sugar intake, and looking at my most recent labs, sodium was on the high end. So I’ll stop salting my food all the time.

Look for outcomes in future log updates.

Again, thanks 1,000,000!

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No no, this is not what I meant. Salt is good. salt is necessary. You do not necessarily need to decrease your sodium intake, rather increase your potassium intake. Blood pressure and water retention issues related to sodium often come from too little potassium, not necessarily from too much sodium.

I am not sure what your sodium looks like nor how much you consume per day, but processed foods and food prepared in restaurants is generally very high in potassium.

If you are salting food that you cooked yourself that does not already have alot of sodium, then keep salting your food. However I do not recommend salting food already high in sodium.

Got it! Keeping the salt, upping the potassium. Eating a sweet potato as I type this!

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I am not sure if it is adrenal out cns, but when I push it hard, I get insomnia, on or off blast. I’ve seen your training log, you are lifting hard. You push it with those weights, and it may be what is keeping you up.

Pre workout doesn’t help either.

I second this. When im really pushing hard towards the end of each phase, whether thats volume or intensity, sleep is the first issue i see. If i keep pushing then anxiety starts as well followed by the wall in me increasing lifts. Pushing it past this point my lifts go backward. Learnt a long time ago not to get that far though.


I’m curious, can you or anyone else provide a link for his training log? I looked a bit and couldn’t find it.

Deanis55 I did a deload over thanksgiving and have split my weekly training volume more over the week to see if it will help. Time will tell…

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Wsmwannabe i don’t have a training log on Tnation. I’ve mentioned my current bests in some posts and discussed changes to my routine on some other forums, but I don’t have a log.
If anyone is curious, I recently deloaded over Thanksgiving and have split my training up more across the week. My split right now is:

Train EOD, rotating among four routines…

  1. Seated press day
    Work up to one top end set of 5, always a PR attempt, then one back off set, to failure, of 10-15, then rest pause lateral raises until I can’t move the ‘bells.
  2. RDL day
    Same format as seated press day, but 3rd exercise is farmers walks, 100yds and back.
  3. Incline bench day
    Same format as seated press day, but third exercise is ring rows.
  4. Squat day
    Work up to a PR single, no back off sets. Rest a few minutes, then super slow ab wheel rollouts.
    The second and third exercises each day are taken to, or very near, failure. Volume is low, but I train with an intensity that would make Arthur Jones proud. Over the years, I’ve just found that this is the style of training that I enjoy most.
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That’s exactly what I’ve found!