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Professional to get Lifting Advice from Post Injury Rehab?

Oct 2014 I was rear ended while at a stop light on my motorcycle. While it was relatively low speed and I was wearing full gear including a spine guard I suffered L-spine injury. Fast forward to today. I’m almost ready to “graduate from pt” but I’m nervous about starting up heavy training again. I workout nearly daily. 3-5 days a week consist of some sort of lifting or strength training, interspersed on the rest of the days with rock climbing, acroyoga, and mountain biking (as soon as the ground dries up).

I’ve queried the PT personnel a couple of times on helping me check and or regain my form on exercises more dangerous to the back such as squats, various core excercises, and others. They simply redirect me to my stetches and side planks and tell me they’ll see me next week. Is there a particular specialist I might seek out to avoid injury, inquire about the best excercises, and examine/improve my form before I wreck myself? Or perhaps a particular request I should ask of my pt center?
Thank you for your time and fantastic writing!

Some perhaps important back ground: 1. As a result of the accident I have some bulging L-spine discs which complicate my already moderate L-T spine scoliosis and minor vertebral subluxation. 2. I’m trying to do more than stay in shape and cut flab, I’d like to continue to put on size for the sake of fittness/physique .However being that I participate regularly in an array of sports: rock climbing, mountain biking, surfing, acroyoga, I have zero expectation of strength and size required, a power lifter, Olympic lifter, and the like.

I asked my gf who is a PT, DPT and she suggested a few things. First, be very clear to your current PTs that your goal is to be able to strength train, bike, climb, etc. If your specific PT can’t get you to that point, they may have someone else on staff who can. You may also need to start calling around to other clinics and be very clear about your goals. Some clinics will offer a free 15 minute screen in which you’ll be able to discuss your case and they will be able to tell you if they can help you.

Lastly, you may want to call sports orthopedists in your area and ask who they refer their patients to.

Edit: You may also, if you’re lucky, be able to find an accomplished trainer who can consult with your PT to determine an appropriate program. My gf has had patients bring their yoga instructor or personal trainer to an appointment to be shown proper exercise selection by my gf.