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Professional Dancers

I saw a really good performance by a modern dance group called Momix not too long ago. It was an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. My question though: Is anyone on T-mag a dancer? The men in the group had amazing physiques with very little bodyfat showing. I was wondering how they’re able to train and diet successfully through constant travel, practice, and performance. Quite impressive! Thoughts?

Not a dancer, but I’ve played in a lot of ballet orchestras – I think you need to take into account a couple things.

  1. Genetics - a lot of the best dancers have genetically predisposed body types for that stuff. If you go further down into the ranks, you’ll find less ‘amazing’ physiques.

with that said

  1. Conditioning - dancer’s lead a ridiculous lifestyle. They work a lot on things that would trash all of us physically at first. Its just a whole other realm of physical activity that they are involved in. I think I remember reading about a linebacker in cleveland or cincinatti who did ballet.

  2. It’s probably taken them a long time to get to where they are - dancers don’t just say “oh I think I’m going to take up being a professional dancer” - its like musical instruments or tiger woods… they usually start early in life, and have that edge that Ian King mentioned in his Heavy Metal column this week.

Just to add to what franks said:

Dancers AND gymnast have developed AMAZING strength to weight ratios! In other words, their musculature has become VERY efficient at firing motor units per given impulse. You take a 90 pound gynast or dancer, and their strength per pound of bodyweight is simply AMAZING!

From an aesthetic standpoint, they will often have great “resting tonus” (probably due a LOT to all the static contracting they do).

Look…say what you may…but dancers and gymnast are simply amazing atheletes…

I do a mean Cha-Cha; my Gram taught me how:)

I have been known to cut a li’l rug.

dancing is an aerobic excercise, that’s why they are in such good shape. They have to practice a lot and they need to be strong enough to handle their volume. I “battle” on the weekends when i go to dance clubs with my buddies, and i know the feeling of moving your whole body for a given amount of time at a given rate. also these guys have to look good, they are in the entertainmnet business. do you think they are oblivious to supplements and other stuff. laters pk