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Profession Questions

This ones goes out to Christian Thibadeau, John Berardi, Waterbury, and pretty much all of the writers for T-nation. I’m completely entranced by this website and all of the information in it. Doing what you guys are doing professionally would be a dream job for me. I’m currently a double major in exercise physiology and nutrition at Rutgers University. I was wondering how you guys got started in your field? and what I could do to make steps in the right direction in persuing a career similar to yours. I love the website and feed off of any information related to lifting, training, nutrition, or anything that deals with exercise physiology. The amount of informaion you guys posess is both amazing and wonderful.(I really have no idea where I should be going to ask this information so I thought I’d post it here)


You might want to check out Charles Staley’s apprenticeship program. This is from his website. For reference material do a search and you will find a ton of information from him. He is also interviewed on the latest D-Tap.

If you are a performance enhancement specialist I can help you one-on-one to build your business and develop your athletes. As a consultant to some of the greatest up and coming coaches in the country I am able to help you make your athletes world-class. If you have athletes now, or if you are looking to break into the industry, I can provide individual coaching to make you a very successful coach.
Here is your opportunity to work one-on-one with Charles.
After three months of coaching you will become a Staley Certified Coach. When there is the opportunity to refer athletes to you in your area I will do so. We often get inquiries from athletes looking for a facility to train in there area. If these athletes are in your area we will refer them to you. It is a win-win situation.
With this one-on-one coaching you and I will speak for one hour every month. During that time we will discuss everything from challenges you are having with your athletes.
During the month you can fax me your training programs of your athletes. When we speak during our monthly calls I will be able to give you guidance on their training to get better results quicker and faster than ever before.
There is no need for you to travel to Vegas. But twice a year I hold seminars in my private facility. As an STS Certified coach you can attend these seminars for free.