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Prof X, What Do You Eat?


I know that there are several threads dedicated to your training, but I am interested in what you eat. How your eating has evolved as you progressed, what works for you and what didn't. I know that you prefer beef and RTD shakes over foods like chicken breasts. What else do you eat? Do you even bother worrying about eating certain foods at certain times or do you just focus on getting your calories in? The more you share the better. Thanks.


People who ask too many questions :slightly_smiling:



Key lime pie!


I wrote about how I ate in college in that other thread that is 5 years old. Currently, I eat about 3 1lbs steaks a day (give or take as I don't weigh them). On low carb days, I may eat a little rice and two Finibars. I eat according to how I feel...which is why I am currently not dieting this week because my strength started to drop off last week mostly because of other stress in my life right now. Therefore, I am not doing low carbs this week.

I am not sure what you really want to know. I am not very strict with my food intake unless I am actively trying to lose weight. I still eat the steaks even when not dieting lately because that has helped me keep more muscle this time than in the past.

I eat according to a caloric need. I do not count calories. I do not count out specific amounts of protein. I am also not an idiot so when I write that I do not count them it does not mean that I have no concept of what I am eating. It means I do not need to be that specific BECAUSE I know the human body better than most of you...and what I know with absolute certainty is that there are so many variables involved with gaining even one pound of muscle that anyone trying to literally calculate out every single step of the way will likely hold themselves back rather than get ahead of everyone else.

Lately, losing the last 20lbs or so, I had two cheat days a week where I pretty much ate whatever I wanted and a lot of it.

One thing is for sure, the more muscle you carry, the more you can get away with calorically. I haven't even added cardio yet but I may stop further weight loss once I drop another 10lbs or so. It depends on how I look and feel.

A super strict day might be:
8 eggs with two yolks removed
drink MAG-10 all day while at work along with fiber and Flameout caps
one steak at lunch (minimal rice, just enough to curb the need for carbs)
one steak with rice when I get home
2 Finibars
one steak + potatoes

My cheat day is more like:
small child
so on and so on

I eat according to the scale, the mirror, and comments from people whose opinion I trust. That's it. If I am trying to gain and my weight isn't going up, OBVIOUSLY I need to eat more.


He eats the kids and the fries.


LOL @ small child, hahaha.


damn X how much do you spend a month on steaks? Do you stock up from Costco or something?

I took your advice and switched over to beef rather than chicken for the last month and I've definitely noticed some strength increases (and a little size too I would venture to say)

thanks for the info Prof X



His salary comes in the form of prime cut beef. Direct deposited into the freezer.


What's the reason for the MAG-10 all day? Also how do you feel FINiBARs help you?


Professor, what cut of steak do you prefer?


Costco is the shit. I've been eating filet mignon almost every day now for the past 2 months.


The real question is what doesn't prof x eat.


ohhh like those stride gum commercials where everyone gets paid with sticks of gum?



How come I never get paid in gum :frowning:


I buy them at Kroger's. They cut the meat the thickness I want and have them ready for me to pick up by the time I show up. I wouldn't go to Sam's or some wholesale clubs only because you have to take whatever cut of meat is provided. Kroger's usually has good sales at least once a month.

I just got a stand alone freezer so the next time I see the steaks at 4 bucks a pound, I'll just stock up for months.


MAG-10 equals protein.

The FINiBARs help me during the workout. I don't like food in my stomach at all when I lift and the bars are light enough to keep me from being hungry as well as help me through the workout without weighing me down.


Rib eyes.



Professor, if I may:

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind talking about this a little more. I've come across these kinds of statements a lot in my time of lurking, and I've always been curious. How did you learn to eat intuitively like this? What kinds of cues does your body give you? How did you figure out how to read them and make the necessary tweaks to your diet?

I ask because I'm interested in learning how to listen to my body, and always appreciate pointers from those who know.

Thanks for your time.


I've always maintained that saturated fat, such as found in beef, is the best source of fat for raising testosterone levels (better than other fats).

On that note, if I ever get my hands on a couple acres of land, I'm gonna get some cows - about one or two cows a year should keep me going :slight_smile:

For PX, he'll need at least 2 cows a year (including the bones)