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Prof X, Thoughts on This Bulking Article?




Why..honestly why? You know this is just gonna piss him off. Ah, fuck it, grabs popcorn


Have you ever read any of his posts or are you just a fucking moron? Show me any time you've ever seen X recommend anything other than the suggestions in point 5 from this article. Why don't you actually take the time to maybe read some of his posts or maybe the whole article before you start spewing out shit.

5.Many people use the bulking up excuse to justify eating a ton of crappy food. "I can eat this tub of ice cream and this pizza, I'm bulking!'' The fact is that most people don't have the discipline and determination to make the lifestyle changes necessary to build an aesthetic, lean, and muscular physique. But instead of saying that they're too weak-minded to drop the junk out of their diets, they decide to make it acceptable to eat a bad diet by using bulking-up as an excuse.

If these people had both a strong sense of self-discipline and a desire to "bulk up," they'd jack up their caloric intake but only eat bodybuilding-friendly food. However, since this would mean not eating ice cream, fast food, and cookies, not many people actually bulk up that way. This is yet another indication that bulking up, for most, is just an excuse to not eat properly.


I think Thibs said that what he used to think back then (2006) was different than what he thinks now, because of his experience with para-workout protocol / I, Bodybuilder program. That article is what the posters at Lyle's site keep referring to and I tried to tell them that it is 3 year old and muscle memory worked for people like Kevin Levrone and Casey Viator...


I just recently got back on this site man so chill the fuck out! Besides, is your name Prof X? Didn't think so.

If I would've known his answer beforehand, I wouldn't have asked him.

Prof X-in all seriousness, I didn't mean this to be a big silly debate. It was just a sincere question that's all.


Yeah for "most". Yet If I have a skinny kid come up to me, who wants to get bigger but is also working a labor intensive job (like me I do construction esque type work). I'd tell him eat clean the majority of the time. Yet fuck it have a burger or some pizza here and there. If you had a hard time getting a good amount of cals in.

There's some people who barely get phased eating what you consider "junk food" . I'm like a fucking furnace. My body goes through calories @ work like a buggati veyron goes through gas.

That article applies to the average person who sits on his all most of the day. If you're a skinny fuck, who's very active. I think some of the things said shouldn't be taken to a t.


If that's true, why didn't you just PM him?

I smell a troll.