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Prof X: Thank You for Your Advices


I almost read everything you wrote and I did use many of your advices in my training. I had almost no results in a year, but thanks to your help, the last 4 months was fantastic.

I was 215 Lbs in February and bulk to 243 Lbs (beginning of July). I did only take 1 inch on my waist. I'm stronger than I have ever been, my deadlift has gone from 145X10 to 275x5, squat 135x10 to 285x6, bench from 185x6 to 225x4 or 205x10. I was not able to do a pullup at 215, but was able to do 4 at 243. Now I did diet down to 227 and my strength has still gone up.

There is many many thing I learned from reading you as a beginner, and I'm pretty sure I'll save "years" and my progress will be much faster, thanks to you.

Have a nice day



Thanks, brother. Keep us posted on your progress.


Good to hear another success story, keep up the good work.


Here some pictures, at the beginning 2 years and half ago: 375 Lbs


a month ago: 243 Lbs


now: 227




I guess I'm not the only one that spent a week+ reading all of Professor X's posts as a beginner. lol


Nice, man. Look forward to seeing what happens in the next year.


Nice work. Professor X has definitely been a great inspiration to me.


Great work man.

Keep it up :slightly_smiling:


Indeed. I didn't want to believe his ideas at first, but figured, 'what the heck', and here I am, 9 months later, 22 lbs heavier with only a marginal BF increase. Granted, he really can be rude, but when he's being rude, he's usually spewing free advice at the same time, so I just stay the hell back and read :slight_smile: It's funny how people bust his balls for saying things he never actually said, such as 'it's OK to bulk to fatass status'.


Awesome progress man.

Keep up the good work! : )


Hey, you progressed so much, yet, you stayed in shape. So much for the "don't eat, or you'll get fat" crowd.


Thanks all for the nice comments.


You did great work, LEAST someone can do is compliment you !


This thread is KILLING HeadHunter.


Nice work, OP.
Kudos to X once again.


Been reading his stuff a lot longer than I have been posting on the boards.
Definately one of the reasons I like T-Nation.

WTF is this "rude" shit......the man speaks his mind. Thicken your integument T-men.


Did this thread make you feel warm and fuzzy inside X?

OP, nice job.


You're saying he's pleasant as pie all of the time? Come on, man, get real...

*Edit - I should clarify that I have nothing against the big man, just 'speaking my mind', as well.