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Prof X Moonlighting???






Only if he were doing a double bicep pose down on one knee would we know it's our Prof.

Funny commercial.


Quite the racist man aren't ya?


Racist??? Not sure how you got that from this but if you say so....Much like the forum states "get a life".




Yea, not seeing the racisity there.

If I see a guy who I think looks like another guy and want to make a joke about him, it's not racist even if the guy doesn't look like the other guy.

Would you have thought it was racist if he posted a picture of a big white guy with weights in the background and said that one of the other forum guys from here was moonlighting?

Who's being racist here? Why even bring race into it?



Proffesor X Gets More Threads Than A Sewing Machine.

On second thought, that shit ain't even funny. I need some sleep.


I think that is pretty funny. Rascist? come on the guy is bald AND he is sitting on a loaded bench. AND he is screaming and looks pissed off. AND the site is about identity theft - and this guy perhaps might try to steal Prof X's identity even though he is much smaller. Alternatively perhaps Prof X has stolen HIS identity. "Yes, I'm Darrel P, I've been working out hard and gained 100lbs"


I think Prof left aftwe he realized that he used to think this site was full of big ass builders and hard core powerlifters... but its just full of regular joes looking to get a better body.


Oh well, there is still a damned good cross-section of America here - some good people.


I heard he was off fighting Chuck Norris, and winning.


Prof X would eat Chuck Norris for breakfast!


He's in Iran, marking targets. We've been through all this before. He went over there with Pookie.



As Ron White says "You can't fix stupid."


Sorry. I hate doing this, but couldn't leave it alone. Racisity?

What the hell is racisity?

I believe the term is 'racism'. Okay I'm done being a smug twat. :wink:


You guys need to get off his dick. I really can't fathom how any self respecting male would lower himself to groupie status of some dude on the net.


He's in deployment.


""What the hell is racisity?""

It's what we call 'humor' here in the USA.


Ahh.. In the UK we call it 'humour'.

Potato potAAto lol


Hey everyone, turn on BET, there's a black guy!!! I bet it's professor X!!!