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Prof X, How Much Can You Bench?


So I always hear you telling these little weaklings how all your big muscles are really strong and not just big unfunctional blobs of flesh dripping from your once long ago scrawny skeleton.

So, if I put you on an incline bench TODAY, regardelss of any trivial excuses you might want to come up with for not going heavy, like "I just did chest yesterday" or "I still have lotion on my hand and my grip will slip" or "I got into a car accident", How much could you incline bench today.

See all these fools think you are unfunctional, but we'll show em just how strong you are.



He can bench a lot.


Lying on ones back does not equate to functional!

Ahh only kidding, continue...


I was going to point to the car accident thread... but you've obviously seen it already lol




why incline, veggie?



Speak for yourself.

bow chicka wow wow


Du Dun Chshhhh!



LOL' I didnt see that one coming, how unfunctional of me!


That's what she said.


This is pretty brutal.


Well Mr. high expectations what did you expect?

Maybe some high brow humour mixed in with a lot of T-fueled posturing about bench numbers then for PX to come in here screaming and roaring about 15 inch biceps and crayons!

Mmm on second thoughts...


I can draw with a crayon bigger biceps than your 15 inch pea shooters!


He can bench the whole bench.


Is that even statistically possible? :wink:


my bet is 2 plates or fewer.


3 bison, 6 pigs, and 13.765893425 chickens


Is that per side or total? Also what size plates? Dinner? Snack? Paper?



He benches 7 guys benching.