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Products like Greens +

JB recommends greens plus but are Enzymatic Therapy Presents:Earth’s Promise or NOW Green PhytoFood comprable products??

There’s also another product I’ve been looking at called Barlean’s Greens. It seems to be the cheapest of what I’ve looked at so far. Barlean’s is the same company that makes a lot of the flax oils.


I’ve been using Barlean’s Greens for a couple of weeks now. Taste better than Garden of Life.

I mix NOW Green PhytoFood with my a.m. breakfast shake…and it really doesn’t taste bad at all!

I tried Earth’s Promise Strawberry-Kiwi today with two scoops of Vanilla Low-Carb Grow!, it was damn tasty. It tastes alot better the garden of life stuff I had later which was hard to get down. After I finish the Garden of Life bottle, I going to use Earth’s Promise exclusively for now on.

Here’s the link for it, they offer a free sample.