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Products in Canada

I live in Canada, Toronto to be exact, and it is near impossible to find a store that sells Biotest products. If I find a store that should sport some of the products, like GNC, it is only one or two products MAX. Can someone point me in a direction. I am hesitant to order over the internet because the Canadian Gov. likes to add all sorts of extra fees at the border.

Sports Nutrition Depot. There’s one in Oakville and one in Hamilton. They carry low carb grow, surge, tribex, and a couple other biotest products. They do not carry Mag10 or any other pro-hormone products from biotest. They have the best prices I have seen anywhere. A 2 lb. tub of low carb grow is $49.99 whic is a good price in Canadian dollars.

Renegade nutrition out of Halifax (I think and am sure it is in Canada) is a solid internet source.

lifeandsport is good as well. Stay away from the-gym…they’re really incompetant and I’ve had some big time problems with them. SNDcanada has been by far the best service i’ve had so far.

www.renegadenutrition.com is an ecellent source for supps in Canada.
Don’t worry about ordering over the internet. The Canadian gov’t doesn’t add any extra fees just tax which is the same as if you buy it from a store in Canada.
www.lifeandsport.com is another good Canadian biotest product site. Good prices.
I ordered my mag-10 and myostat right from Biotest and everything went OK.
Exchange rate is a bitch.
Americans don’t know how lucky they are to have good companies like biotest. Or maybe they do.

The website for Sports Nutrition Depot is www.SNDcanada.com Go there and you should be able to order anything except for MAG-10. They have the best prices around, and I do believe delivery is free or next to nothing.

James, You ordered Mag-10 and got it delivered no problem. Man, I’ve been working on a scheme for about half a year to try and get my hands on some Mag-10. I just can’t afford to put out the money not to get it.

Ya Mag-10 made it just fine. Customs has better things to do than intercept supplements. Everyone that I’ve heard of from Canada that ordered mag-10 got it.
Go to ebay and type biotest and there’s a guy there that ships to Canada and writes homeopathic remedy on the description and 20 as the value.

I’m in TO as well. It’s just UPS that adds the outrages brokerage fees to orders. Biotest sends via FedEx or Puralator so you get hit with a little tax but it isn’t as bad as UPS. I have seen Biotest products in Nutrition House, Yorkdale Mall and sometimes at Sweet & Natural at Yonge and College.
I have had no problem getting Mag-10 to TO directly from Biotest.

Anyone see Myostat or Pinnacle’s juiced protein in Toronto? Price? Clobro

I’ll recommend www.sndcanada.com as well. I just ordered 4 bottles of Myostat from them, it arrived within 1 day, and the final cost (as in the cost charged to my credit card) for it was $431.96 for everything. Including a free protein bar.

As mentioned by others, they don’t sell Mag-10, but it sounds like you can order that from the U.S. for personal use.

I don’t know why typed James…but you guessed I was talking to you anyways. Thanks a million!! I’ll order ASAP. Does this guy do everything including all supps and aminos? Anyway, I’ll check it out. Thnaks again from a fellow Canadian T-Bro.

Be aware that if you order into Aberta or Saskatchewan your andro products will likely be seized, as were mine. Seems, though that every other province is getting it through the customs cock suckers.

Healthy’s at Dixie Value Mall has Grow!, M and The newest Tribex. T2 pro is at Sweet and Natural at Yonge and College and there’s a place in the Bloor and Ossington area that has MD6. Don’t know the name. As far as the pro-steriod/pro-hormone products, the Muscle Mag Int’ls near the border (Hamiliton, Oakville) had some stuff last summer, but got busted shortly after so I’m not sure of their status.

Just ask for MAG-10 and Androsol at Canadian supplement stores. Some keep it behind the counter…wink wink.

Hey Guys I’m in Ontario. I ordered right from biotest. The guy at ebay has a site:
The guys in Alberta are getting it in through this guy.
Customs was even seizing tribex out in Alberta.
Biotest does ship fedex and that’s awesome. One for how fast it gets here and the reasonable ‘taxes’.
Your safest bet for Ontario is straight from Biotest. At least then you get the buy 2 get 1 free. that cuts down the price a bit. But the guy at ebay is selling for 59US each plus 5 shipping.

Sounds like a border run is in order… :wink:

SND rocks,I just bought 2 grow and 1 surge from them.$149
to my door in one day. Shipping(express post)is $5.95 under $100, free over $100. I can get Mag10 in downtown TO, but it’s selling for $200. Too much since Biotest ships it to Ont. all the time.