Products I Use Everyday

Will discuss the various products I use everyday.

Products I use Everyday:
Metabolic Drive Low Carb
Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth

At first my fiance wanted me to try “his” shakes. I didn’t want to. Now I love them. They help my body recover from the workouts that I do, much better then without. At my contest there were a lot of other companies with samples of there protien shakes. I tried a bunch, and can now say Biotest’s deffiently taste the best. I usually just buy vanilla because it mixes great with almost anything. Sometimes I add fruit, lately I have been using some Muscle Growth with almond milk over rice puffs, tastes great.

Here is how I use the two products:
Metabolic Drive Low Carb
-use it before bed, mixed with water, milled flax seed and some almond butter. It is my favorite.

Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth
-use this at various times throughout the day, when I need a quick meal. It has great carbs in it, a lot of fiber and tastes amazining. As I said above, I use this over rice puffs kinda like a cerael.

I also love to make banana fritters with low carb, alomond flour, and bananas pan fried in coconut oil. I will post the recipe later.

More to come tonight…

I also take Curcumin every day. I take 2 caps with my first meal, and 2 caps with my last meal. This supplement is fantastic. It helps me with muscle soreness and has many other health benefits. I love it.

I take this every day. Usually try to take 1-2 caps with each meal. The benefits are fish oil are amazing. Biotest’s Flameout has the best ratio’s and the most potent caps around. (this way I do not have to take 30 caps a day)

Surge Recovery:
I take this during my workout. Has the right ratio of carbs and fast digesting protein (hydro whey) for my workout needs. This helps my muscle recover faster from my training.

Indigo 3g:

Is unbelievable. Allows one to train with amazing volume, consume the proper amount of nutrients, all while tightening up!

Fiber Supplement:

I take a fiber blend, that has all six types of fiber in it. It covers all the bases. I take 5g of this at night.


I take 2 caps before bed, helps keep my levels of zinc and magnesium good, and helps me sleep


Helps me sleep like nothing I have ever tried. If you have trouble sleeping please try this.

I am so glad you posted this! Sounds like most of my husband’s regimen which I can plainly see is working for him! I’m pregnant now but I am looking forward to Indigo-3G and VERY soon! Really anxious to know how that is working for you!

Do you ever use any of the rivalus products?

Can you pm me the fiber supplement you take ski bunny, thanks